Star Conflict Heroes Profile Levels

Profile levels and the amount of xp required to get to the next level. level: xp required to level up 001: 6002: 18003: 20004: 50005: 120006: 150007: 260008: 310009: 410010: 610011: 710012: 720013: 730014: 740015: 750016: 760017: 770018: 780019: 790020: 810021: 830022: 850023: 870024: 890025: 910026: 930027: 950028: 970029: 990030: 1020031: 1050032: 1080033: 1110034: 1140035: […]

Star Conflict Heroes Ship Tiers

Tiers explained: S: Meta. Best ships in the game. Top priority upgrades.A: Near meta. Very useful. Priority upgrades.B: Good. Worth upgrading.C: Mediocre. Can have specific uses, but nothing global. Not really worth upgrading.D: Bad. Not worth upgrading unless all ships you own are D tier. By Tier S: ZealotExecutorRaptorHammerheadBoremysFlambergPolar BearSingularityTemplar AEHydraNyxNyx-FNWakizashi AEShirasaya Inquisitor A: FrakirScimitarAxeHonorMagnetarSombraWitchKrisPrecursorShogunBlack […]

Star Conflict Heroes Fleet Setups

This page is a work in progress. Always remember:In 4 vs 4:● The front ship charges the fastest (by being auto-attacked by the enemy front & back ships).● The ships on the sides charge about equally (by being auto-attacked by 1 ship each, the enemy side ships).● The back ship charges slowest (by not being […]

Star Conflict Heroes Ship Farming Guide

Ship blueprints can be reliably farmed from Hard and Veteran Campaign mission difficulties. Episode 1 Hard 12 Energy per Mission Mission:01: Dragon02: Ghost03: Crusader04: Ronin05: Reaper06: Nightingale07: Storm Viking08: Anaconda09: Caltrop10: Archelon11: Lion12: Dragon13: Nightingale 14: Crusader15: Swift Mk316: Ghost17: Caltrop 18: Ronin 19: Brokk20: Reaper Episode 1 Veteran 50 Energy per Mission Mission:01: Defender02: Tormentor03: SPIRAL04: Snow […]

How to get free Gold Standards

Various methods to get free Gold Standards daily: ● Daily “watch ad” task● Destroy Mercenary Ships (ships flying around in the first 4 campaign episodes, they look like yours)● Ads for gold can be found in campaign episodes● Loot drops can be found in campaign episodes (green icon, animated human icon)● Perform well in Arena […]

Anthem Starter Guide

Practice using your Javelin in freeplay. You can fly through a waterfall or (briefly) dive underwater to cool your jets and keep going. During whatever you are doing, harvest nodes around you, open chests and dismantle loot you don’t need. When starting out, Anthem offers Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties. Mechanics don’t change between categories. […]

Warframe Platinum Purchase Guide

This guide aims to help you decide on what you spend your money / platinum on in Warframe.TL;DR: The bundles on Steam are not worth it. The main items to spend your Platinum on are slots for Warframes, weapons, etc and occasional boosters.Continue reading for more in depth info. Price calculation is based on the […]

Warframe Starter Guide

Warframe is a game with an amazing amount of content, but very few indications of what to do. It is very much a “wiki game”, as in needing to frequently visit a wiki to find out what you need to accomplish certain goals. Regardless, we have tried to make a starter guide to help you […]