Warframe Platinum Purchase Guide

This guide aims to help you decide on what you spend your money / platinum on in Warframe.TL;DR: The bundles on Steam are not worth it. The main items to spend your Platinum on are slots for Warframes, weapons, etc and occasional boosters.Continue reading for more in depth info. Price calculation is based on the […]

Warframe Starter Guide

Warframe is a game with an amazing amount of content, but very few indications of what to do. It is very much a “wiki game”, as in needing to frequently visit a wiki to find out what you need to accomplish certain goals. Regardless, we have tried to make a starter guide to help you […]

Affinity / XP for Amp Farming

In general, wherever you go to level up other weapons, just use the operator there and the amp should level nicely as well (especially in (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught). However, if you dislike combat as the operator, this is for you. A nice way to level up your amp outside of combat is to run a […]

Affinity / XP for Archwing Farming

The best ways to level up your Archwing are: ● Archwing Interception (Caelus, Uranus, vs Grineer)● Arching Mobile Defense (Salacia, Neptune, vs Corpus) An alternative option is to take a coordinated camping squad to: ● Survival (Ophelia, Uranus, vs Grineer) Then camp near water, take turns diving in to switch to Archwing and get xp […]

Affinity / XP for K-Drive Farming

An easy, convenient way to farm K-Drive XP is right outside Fortuna. Exit Fortuna into the Orb Vallis, go left and go left again. You will find this pipe: Jump onto it, grind across it, jump, do some tricks in the air, land back on it, grind across, repeat till your trick has a score […]

Argon Crystal Farming

Locations for Argon Crystal farming: ● Ukko, Void (Corrupted Capture, bring a long range melee to easily destroy containers and potential deposits)● Teshub, Void (Corrupted Exterminate, be sure to open all containers and look for Argon Deposits)● Ani, Void (Corrupted Survival, be sure to also look around for Argon Deposits)● MOT, Void (Corrupted Survival, be […]

Ayatan Stars Farming

A great place to get up to 8 stars per run is Carpo, Jupiter (Ext, Corpus). Be sure to bring a build with a good loot radar (Loot Detector, Thief’s Wit, etc) and either Master Thief on your frame or Scavenge on your companion.For speed, go for Master Thief, for increased odds, go for Scavenge.Open […]