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Destiny 2 – How to reach Level 700

Options that scale with you until level 500:
● Rare & Legendary drops
● Decrypting Blue/Purple Engrams
● Rewards from Zavala (Strikes), Shaxx (Crucible) and Banshee (Gunsmith).
● Activities: Public Events, Lost Sectors, Strikes and the Crucible
● Opening Loot Chests

Options to get you to 750 the fastest:
● Prime Engrams
● Exotic Engrams
● Scourge of the Past
● Reckoning from Season of the Drifter

Other options to get you to 750:
● Flashpoint
● Heroic Adventure (Flashpoint Daily)
● Daily Heroic Story
● Crucible (Daily & Weekly)
● Gambit (Daily & Weekly)
● Strikes (Daily & Weekly)
● Twenty challenges for Ikora (Weekly)
● Clan XP
● Last Wish
● Nightfall
● Iron Banner
● Dreaming City activities
● Black Armory Forges
● Spider’s quest (Weekly)

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