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Risk of Rain 2 – How to open the Timed Security Chest in Rallypoint Delta

A quick overview of how to unlock the Timed Security Chest in Rallypoint Delta in Risk of Rain 2.

In the third stage, Rallypoint Delta, there is a Timed Security Chest. It doesn’t cost anything to open except time. You’ll need to reach this chest within 10 minutes (singleplayer) or 15 minutes (multiplayer) of starting your run. To achieve this, find the teleporter as soon as possible in the first 2 stages and ignore lootchests unless they’re near the teleporter so you can easily grab them before teleporting. In Rallypoint Delta, find the chest as soon as you can. We’ve most often seen it near the middle of the map, either inside a large container or just out in the open.

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