Star Conflict Heroes Fleet Setups

This page is a work in progress.

Always remember:
In 4 vs 4:
● The front ship charges the fastest (by being auto-attacked by the enemy front & back ships).
● The ships on the sides charge about equally (by being auto-attacked by 1 ship each, the enemy side ships).
● The back ship charges slowest (by not being auto-attacked by enemy ships).
● Your front ship can charge even faster by removing one or two side ships, but this is generally not recommended.

For new players:
Beginner ships that can carry you for dozens of profile levels (and are relatively easy to acquire);
● Octopus (Farm: Portal store)
● Shark (Farm: Arena store)
● Archelon (Farm: Episode 1 Hard Mission 10)
● Brokk (Farm: Episode 1 Hard, Mission 19)
● Ghost (Farm: Episode 1 Hard, Misson 02, Mission 16)
● Reaper (Farm: Episode 1 Hard, Mission 05, Mission 20)

Ice breaker squads:
Keep in mind that these are not the only squad setups that can defeat enemy Ice fleets. It also depends on upgrades, positioning, timing, etc. Let these inspire you and see what works for you.

● Without Ice ships, without Marten:

Front: Templar AE
Sides: Precursor, Frakir
Back: Scimitar

Front: Object 18
Sides: Zaelot, Raptor
Back: Scimitar

Front: Zaelot
Sides: Object 18, Frakir
Back: Scimitar

● Without Ice ships, with Marten:

Front: Wakizashi AE
Sides: Marten, Zaelot
Back: Singularity

● With Ice ships, without Marten:

Front: Templar AE
Sides: Granite, Polar Bear
Back: Inquisitor

● With Ice ships, with Marten:

Front: Polar Bear
Sides: Marten & Templar AE
Back: Wakizashi AE