Star Conflict Heroes Starter Guide

Star Conflict Heroes is a mobile spin-off of Star Conflict.

● Complete as many daily tasks as you can for easy extra xp and other rewards.
● The “watch an advert” daily task will give you 50 gold a day.
● Use the free 50 gold to complete the “Exchange gold to credits” twice and get some extra firmware with what’s left.
● Add people to friends to give and get up to 100 energy a day for free (through the gift button in the friends window, this costs you nothing).

In 4 vs 4:
● The front ship charges the fastest (by being auto-attacked by the enemy front & back ships).
● The ships on the sides charge about equally (by being auto-attacked by 1 ship each, the enemy side ships).
● The back ship charges slowest (by not being auto-attacked by enemy ships).
● Your front ship can charge even faster by removing one or two side ships, but this is generally not recommended.

● Events can provide you with a powerful new ship and many other rewards. Participate as much as possible.
● You can save up to 7500 energy for when the event currency shows up as a campaign reward.
● When mining stations are available, capture them as soon as possible for maximum extra income. Increase their income with credits if you are sitting on some spare millions.

● Complete as many missions as you can. Replay them for extra resources, xp, etc. Unlocking higher difficulties will give you access to more blueprints as rewards.

● Complete as many as you can. Don’t waste gold/money on fleet improvement. If you’re on a decent/full streak, you will earn a good amount of energy and a decent amount of resources.

● Almost entirely RNG based.
● Always take Emergency Charge, multiple times if possible.
● Go for upgrades that stun / disable enemies. They will say 0 seconds at first, but will be upgradeable to multiple seconds soon after.
● If stunning / disabling upgrades aren’t an option, prioritize upgrades that have enemies take more damage / burn energy, especially if those attacks affect multiple enemies.
● Only upgrade the destroyer once a day, even if you have enough resources for multiple upgrades. This is because after a while the upgrades become so expensive that it takes multiple days to get one, so the more often you can do the daily task early on, the better.

● Complete as many as you can. Increases in difficulty as you progress / level up, increasing rewards.

Grand Tournament:
● Complete as many as you can (5 per day max, don’t waste money / gold on more). The better you perform, the higher in the rankings you get, letting you earn more gold, etc. Win or lose, always complete 5 battles a day to complete the daily task.

● Join one as soon as possible (unlocks at level 17). Increases your energy regeneration and credits income. Also allows you to exchange 5 blueprints a day with clanmates.
● Attack the clan boss daily and gift your clanmates daily (through the clan window, this costs you nothing).
● Don’t waste credits / gold / money upgrading fleet strength against the clan boss.

● Fight whenever available. You have 14 attempts. If you don’t have a lot of ships, you can simply send one ship at a time. It’s mostly about participation to get rewards, not about performance.