Star Conflict Heroes Profile Levels

Profile levels and the amount of xp required to get to the next level. level: xp required to level up 001: 6002: 18003: 20004: 50005: 120006: 150007: 260008: 310009: 410010: 610011: 710012: 720013: 730014: 740015: 750016: 760017: 770018: 780019: 790020: 810021: 830022: 850023: 870024: 890025: 910026: 930027: 950028: 970029: 990030: 1020031: 1050032: 1080033: 1110034: 1140035: […]

Star Conflict Heroes Ship Tiers

Tiers explained: S: Meta. Best ships in the game. Top priority upgrades.A: Near meta. Very useful. Priority upgrades.B: Good. Worth upgrading.C: Mediocre. Can have specific uses, but nothing global. Not really worth upgrading.D: Bad. Not worth upgrading unless all ships you own are D tier. By Tier S: ZealotExecutorRaptorHammerheadBoremysFlambergPolar BearSingularityTemplar AEHydraNyxNyx-FNWakizashi AEShirasaya Inquisitor A: FrakirScimitarAxeHonorMagnetarSombraWitchKrisPrecursorShogunBlack […]

Star Conflict Heroes Fleet Setups

This page is a work in progress. Always remember:In 4 vs 4:● The front ship charges the fastest (by being auto-attacked by the enemy front & back ships).● The ships on the sides charge about equally (by being auto-attacked by 1 ship each, the enemy side ships).● The back ship charges slowest (by not being […]

Star Conflict Heroes Ship Farming Guide

Ship blueprints can be reliably farmed from Hard and Veteran Campaign mission difficulties. Episode 1 Hard 12 Energy per Mission Mission:01: Dragon02: Ghost03: Crusader04: Ronin05: Reaper06: Nightingale07: Storm Viking08: Anaconda09: Caltrop10: Archelon11: Lion12: Dragon13: Nightingale 14: Crusader15: Swift Mk316: Ghost17: Caltrop 18: Ronin 19: Brokk20: Reaper Episode 1 Veteran 50 Energy per Mission Mission:01: Defender02: Tormentor03: SPIRAL04: Snow […]

How to get free Gold Standards

Various methods to get free Gold Standards daily: ● Daily “watch ad” task● Destroy Mercenary Ships (ships flying around in the first 4 campaign episodes, they look like yours)● Ads for gold can be found in campaign episodes● Loot drops can be found in campaign episodes (green icon, animated human icon)● Perform well in Arena […]