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Best weapons by Mastery Rank

Of course weapon performance strongly depends on the mod setup on them, but here are generally the best weapons in Warframe, sorted by the Mastery Rank required to use them. Find them on the wiki to find out how to get them.
(There are no weapons that require a Mastery Rank above 14)

Mastery Rank Primary Secondary Melee
 0  Braton (Rifle)  Lato (Pistol)  Nikana Prime (Katana)
Prisma Obex (Fists)
Prisma Skana (Sword)
Silva & Aegis (Sword & Shield)
 1  Karak (Rifle)
Strun (Shotgun)
 —  Magistar (Blunt)
 2  Boltor (Rifle)
Vectis (Sniper)
 Gammacor (Beam)  Hate (Scythe)
Atterax (Whip)
Orthos Prime (Polearm)
Serro (Polearm)
Reaper Prime (Scythe)
 3  Vulkar (Sniper)  Lex (Pistol)  Prisma Dual Cleavers (Cleavers)
Tonbo (Polearm)
 4  Braton Vandal (Rifle)
Hek (Shotgun)
 Aklex (Pistols)
Spectra (Beam)
 Guandao (Polearm)
 5  Grakata (Rifle)
Ignis (Flamethrower)
Kohm (Shotgun)
Dread (Bow)
 Atomos (Beam)  Cassowar (Polearm)
Broken Scepter (Staff)
Orvius (Glaive)
 6  Soma (Rifle)
Flux Rifle (Beam)
Rubico (Sniper)
 Brakk (Shotgun)
Detron (Shotgun)
 Scoliac (Whip)
Zenistar (Blunt / Disc)
 7  Dera Vandal (Rifle)
Zarr (Grenade Launcher / Shotgun)
Sobek (Shotgun)
Soma Prime (Rifle)
 Hystrix (Rifle)
Lato Vandal (Pistol)
Synoid Gammacor (Beam)
Stubba (Rifle)
 Hirudo (Fists)
Caustacyst (Scythe)
Lesion (Polearm)
 8  Glaxion (Beam)
Paris Prime (Bow)
 Cycron (Beam)
Akstilleto (Rifles)
Akvasto (Pistols)
Pandero (Pistol)
Lex Prime (Pistol)
 Kronen Prime (Tonfa)
Mios (Blade & Whip)
Secura Lecta (Whip)
Venka Prime (Claws)
 9  Phantasma (Beam / Shotgun)
Ignis Wraith (Flamethrower)
 Pox (Explosive)
Mara Detron (Shotgun)
Twin Grakatas (Rifles)
Twin Rogga (Pistols)
 10  Amprex (Beam)
Arca Plasmor (Shotgun)
Lanka (Sniper)
Corinth (Shotgun)
Strun Wraith (Shotgun)
Tenora (Rifle)
Quanta Vandal (Beam)
 Akstilleto Prime (Rifles)
Secura Dual Cestra (Rifles)
Staticor (Pistols)
Vaykor Marelok (Pistol)
 Glaive Prime (Glaive)
Broken War (Sword)
War (Sword)
 11  Synapse (Beam)
Prisma Grakata (Rifle)
 Dual Toxocyst (Pistols)
Prisma Twin Gremlins (Rifles)
 Nami Skyla Prime (Swords)
 12  Sybaris Prime (Rifle)
Rubico Prime (Sniper)
Vaykor Hek (Shotgun)
 Akvasto Prime (Pistols)  Silva & Aegis Prime (Sword & Shield)
 13  Tigris Prime (Shotgun)  Pyrana Prime (Pistol)  Galatine Prime (Sword)
 14  Supra Vandal (Rifle)
Vectis Prime (Sniper)
Tiberon Prime (Rifle)
 Euphona Prime (Pistol)  Gram Prime (Sword)


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