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Warframe is a game with an amazing amount of content, but very few indications of what to do. It is very much a “wiki game”, as in needing to frequently visit a wiki to find out what you need to accomplish certain goals. Regardless, we have tried to make a starter guide to help you on your way.

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So you’ve done the first quest and find yourself in your ship, now what? The real answer is whatever you want, but here are some important goals / things to keep in mind:

Do quests. Complete as many quests as you have access to. They will provide you with blueprints, resources and more.

Clear the Starchart. It’s a daunting task, but it will give you easy access to every location and unlock more features (like Alerts). Start with the first three Junctions as they will give you quests and other important rewards.

Get a Sentinel with maxed Vacuum. A Sentinel with the Vacuum mod will make your looting life much easier, as it will automatically pick up nearby loot for you. The Sentinel that’s easiest to get is Taxon. The blueprint is in the market for just 5000 credits. Alternatively, you also get it as a reward for completing the Venus Junction on Earth. The Vacuum mod (to pick up loot) comes with the Sentinel and is relatively cheap to max and it’s absolutely worth it to do so as soon as possible.

Join a clan. Clans have access to a lot of blueprints for weapons, warframes and more. Besides that, your clanmates can help you in missions, take you to Alerts you don’t have access to yet and answer questions you may have. Post a message in recruiting chat saying you’re a new player looking for a clan. There are usually clan recruiters looking for new people.

Level up weapons and frames to rank 30. Leveling them up to 30 will give you Mastery points, which will increase your Mastery Rank and give you access to even more Warframes and Weapons. So even if you don’t like a weapon, level it up to 30 before selling it.

Mods over new gear. In the beginning, focus on upgrading mods instead of quickly going after new gear. New gear can be fun, but when you can’t upgrade that gear properly, it won’t do much to your enemies.

You don’t need to max your mods. You know those mods with 10 levels to rank up? Especially in the early stages of the game, there’s no need to do so. When you’re low on Endo, take your 10 rank mods and rank them up to 4. Then when you have more Endo get them to 6, then later on to 8. Levels 9 and 10 are the most expensive and can be ignored for quite some time.

Set your own goals. Browse the wiki for weapons and warframes you want (be sure to check their Mastery Rank requirement). You’ll also find how to get them.

Buy inventory slots. There are many, many weapons and warframes in Warframe and you’ll need a lot of inventory slots for them, even if you’re selling off a few that you don’t like. Slots are also the only non-cosmetic you can only get with Platinum. Sell duplicate mods and prime parts through warframe.market (you need to be MR2 to trade) and use the Platinum to buy some slots.

Spend your Platinum wisely or save it. As stated above, inventory slots are a good investment. Orokin Reactors and Orokin Catalysts are a decent investment. Things like rushing crafting in the Foundry for plat, are absolutely not a good investment. Neither is buying frames, weapons or resources from the ingame market for plat. All of those can be acquired (relatively) easily by just playing the game. A lot of weapons and Warframes also have blueprints you can simply acquire for credits instead of platinum.

Wondering what the best weapon options are for each Mastery Rank? Check out our overview.

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