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If you run into any issues with the tracker / notifications, please clear your cookies / cache and refresh the page.
If you’re in Chrome (71.x) and the audio notifications aren’t working, you may need to ‘interact’ with the page. to do so.
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● To enable notifications, select a reward from the reward list. Visual and auditory notifications will be enabled. To disable the visual notification, block it in your browser when it prompts you. To disable the auditory notification, click the Mute button in the tracker.
● You can select any amount of rewards to be notified of. Use Ctrl-F to easily find the reward you want to enable the notification for.
● Your notifications are stored in cookies. If you’ve returned to this page and instantly get a notification, it’s because of selections you’ve made previously.
● The tracker gets it’s data straight from DE’s servers. This will sometimes display something before it is displayed in the in-game window. If you see something in the tracker but you don’t see it in-game yet, it will appear in-game within 2 minutes.
● The reward “New item (WIP)” means the item is currently unknown to the Tracker. When this occurs, we will update it with a proper description a.s.a.p.

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