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This is an overview of Warframe updates in a tl;dr style, highlighting the most important part(s) of each update.
If you want to read the full update notes, you can click on the version to be taken to the official forum post for it.

Since this page was started in 2018, updates before 01-01-2018 are not mentioned.
♦ New Baro items have also been logged since 01-01-2018.

Baro (06-12-2019) New Baro items: Sima Luxxum Ornament, Vez Luxxum Onament
Warframe 26.1.3 (26-11-2019) Added a new slider for Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear ’in the Equipment > Orbiter > Orbiter Appearance menu
Added Lifted status to Ooltha Heavy Slam radial attack when used with a one handed Zaw
Added Lifted status to Rabvee Heavy Slam radial attack when used with a two handed Zaw
Added Lifted status to the Paracesis on a Heavy Ground Slam attack
Fixed ability to prematurely launch your Railjack into a never ending vortex
Fixed Nightwave progress being reset for existing challenges that you didn’t make progress towards during the mission that just ended
Fixed inability to pick up Domestik Drones once they’ve been placed in Decorator Mode
Warframe 26.1.2 (26-11-2019) Swapped the planet locations of Cubic Diodes and Carbide to match their Resource type: Cubic Diodes = Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset, Carbides = Eximus units on Ceres Shipyard tileset
Fixed Cubic Diodes and Carbide Resources not dropping 50% of the time. For further clarification, *abilities that increase loot drops do not apply to these Resource drop type
Warframe 26.1.1 (22-11-2019) Titania now uses the new Archwing flight model
Warframe 26.1 (22-11-2019) New Dojo room: Dry Dock
New quest: Rising Tide
New Resources: Cubic Diodes (Eximus units, Ceres), Carbides (Eximus units, Europa), Pustrels (Ore, Plais of Eidolon), Copernics (Ore, Orb Vallis)
Orbiter 2.0
New cosmetics: Equinox Antonym Collection, Equinox Antonym Skin, Stratus Pistol Skin, Astreos Sword And Shield Skin, Circadian Syandana, Cumulus Collection, Cumulus Syandana, Cirrus Armor Bundle, The Origin Pack
New Challenges: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (Enter the Dry Dock), Some Assembly Required (Assemble a Railjack)
Doubled the amount of Critical Chance on Melee Rivens and gave the Critical Chance 2x for Heavy Melee
Amalgam Ripkas changed to 187% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attacks)
True Punishment changed to 100% Additional Combo Count Chance, -50% Combo Duration
Increased the Combo Counter cap of the Venka Prime from 220 to 240
Fixed ‘Chance to not gain combo count’ Riven curse not applying at all
Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches now drop Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them: Rank 1: 150, Rank 2: 200, Rank 3: 250, Rank 4: 300.
Liches now run away (but don’t rank up) if you’ve downed them 3 times, but don’t use your Parazon on them
Blink has become a universal ability for all Archwings. ‘Roll’ binding in Archwing triggers its new Blink mechanic that Blink mechanic that propels over 2x the distance of original Blink (but can’t be increased by Mods), with a cooldown of 3 seconds to prevent spamming
Now, holding Shift to Sprint and W will trigger the Afterburner once you get some momentum going
ARCH LINE has replaced Itzal’s Blink ability: Launch a tethered hook that either pulls enemies close, or pulls the Warframe towards any stationary objects it hooks onto
Garuda Changes & Fixes: Bloodletting now gives 35% Energy instead of 25%, Increased Seeking Talons Status Chance from 50 to 75%
You can now use Skins on Zaws
Restored Mirage’s Eclipse granting its ‘light’ buff when Mirage is on fire AND when under the effect of an Electricity Status Effect
Fixed being unable to cast Nova’s abilities for a period of time after casting Null Star
Warframe (19-11-2019) Replaced the Lith V7 Forma Blueprint reward with the Vectis Prime Barrel to address missing Vectis piece
Fixed Riven stats in the Arsenal displaying values as if the weapon has a Disposition of 1, making it appear as if your Riven attributes were cut in half
Warframe 26.0.8 (19-11-2019) Vauban Prime and Ash Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more
Saryn Prime and Valkyr Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, have reentered the Prime Vault
Added a new Arsenal stat titled ‘Embed Delay’. Some Area of Effect weapons, like the Zakti or the Lenz, have a delayed explosion after the projectile has hit its target. Embed Delay is the time it takes after impact until the projectile explodes
Kuva Quartakk now has force feedback sounds when aiming down its sights
Fixed Traded Kuva Liches always being Rank 5
Fixed Traded Kuva Liches retaining the Requiem Mod guesses from its previous owner
Fixed ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of XP
Baro (22-11-2019) New Baro items: Paracesis Elixis Skin
Warframe 26.0.7 (15-11-2019) Converted Lich Trading is here: If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system includes the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System! Liches can only be traded once
The Crimson Branch: This room serves the purpose of trading Converted Kuva Liches, and will scale up to future entries in the system with other factions
Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row
4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod
Void Fissure Missions will now appear on all Kuva Fortress nodes
A bug now turned feature; Ephemera’s obtained from a Kuva Lich can now be equipped on Sentinels and Companions. Non-Lich Ephemera functionally is in the works
Increased the chance of your Kuva Lich to have an Ephemera from 5% to 10%
Increased the base damage (before elemental bonus) of the Kuva Ogris from 454 to 714
Grineer Prosecutors will no longer spawn as Thralls
Removed Pigments from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax
Removed rewards obtained specifically from completing a Junction from the list of eligible items the Kuva Lich can Tax
Fixed Kuva Lich weapons that do damage on both impact and explosion (Kuva Ogris, Kuva Ayanga, etc) doing significantly less overall damage than expected
Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Rescue missions not giving out a Requiem Relic at End Of Mission if you completed the mission without setting off the alarms
Fixed Kuva Siphon/Flood Spy missions not giving rewards for cracking the Spy vaults
Fixed no Kuva Lich being born if you perform a stealth Mercy on a Larvling
Fixed an issue where Larvling spawns were not working 100% of the time
‘Hold Melee’ will now perform heavy attack like it did before Phase 2
True Steel increased from 60% to 120% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank
Sacrificial Steel increased from 88% to 220% Crit Chance (x2 for Heavy Attack) at Max Rank
Dark Split Sword Heavy Blade; increased Critical Chance from 10% to 15%, increased Puncture Damage from 68 to 78
Fixed Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds resetting when using a normal attack on Gunblades
Fixed Requiem Relics not counting towards “Unlock Relics” Nightwave Acts
Fixed a Kitgun Riven Disposition always displaying 3/5, even if the Riven disposition itself is lower than that
Fixed inability to see what players are selling in Maroo’s Bazaar
Baro (08-11-2019) New Baro items: Mantis Cydonia Skin
Warframe (07-11-2019) Fixed Valence Transfer not applying to the Kuva Shildeg and Kuva Ayanga
Warframe 26.0.6 (07-11-2019) New Kuva Weapon Combining: VALENCE TRANSFER: Replace a Kuva weapon’s innate damage bonus with one from another Kuva weapon of the same kind. This process destroys the donor weapon and overrides the previous Kuva weapons damage bonus
Fixed the Kuva Ogris not creating a fireball or any fire FX on impact if the Nightwatch Napalm Mod is equipped
Fixed Corpus Nullifier bubbles regrowing when inside Grendel’s gut
Fixed Mecha Mod set bonus being applied to the Helminth Charger
Warframe 26.0.5 (06-11-2019) Larvling Lich creation is now a true opt-in mechanic. Larvlings will have the same pre-death setup as Thralls, except the Mercy action is only available to the player who damaged them last
Changed the Murmur progress UI to display multiple rings to indicate which Hint you are currently working towards
Naramon’s Disarming Blast will no longer affect the Kuva Lich
Fixed ALL players receiving Kuva Lich Requiem Murmur progress whenever someone in the squad fails to kill their Kuva Lich
Fixed ability to spawn more than the maximum amount of Thralls per mission if you leave them waiting
Fixed Gladiator Mod Set Bonus not applying correctly
Fixed Weeping Wounds Mod not applying its bonus correctly
Fixed some players not being able to purchase the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit
Warframe (05-11-2019) Fixed Thralls dropping Requiem Mods instead of the intended Requiem Relics on Mercy. We’ve also removed the 500 Kuva from the Thrall droptable
Fixed Thrall drops being Taxed by the Kuva Lich
Warframe 26.0.4 (05-11-2019) Fixed having to toggle Sprint every time you Melee
Mercying a Thrall now has a 5% chance to drop 500 Kuva or a Requiem Relic
Increased the drop chance of each Requiem Relic in Kuva Siphon missions from 30% to 50%
Tweaked the Requiem Murmur discovery requirements for each hint to reduce initial ramp-up: the first and second Murmur require 60% of what they used to, with the last Murmur requiring 140%
Excess Murmur progress now carries over to the next Murmur to allow for faster Murmur discovery
Testing a Requiem on a Lich now advances Murmur progress by roughly 10x more than a Thrall on average
Fixed End of Mission screen not showing all recovered Kuva Lich items (Ephemera, Kuva Weapon Blueprint, etc)
Fixed vanquished Liches coming to assist
Fixed being able to spawn more Thralls than intended per mission
Untraceable will now refresh it’s 18 second invisibility buff if it activates while already active
Increased the Runtime Sprint Speed buff from 50% to 75%, and the Duration from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
Live Wire now only Shocks enemies who are aware/alerted within 24 meters, thus not ruining your stealth gameplay
Grendel’s missions now start with a HUD call out for ‘No Mods Mode’
Warframe 26.0.3 (01-11-2019) Kuva Siphons/Floods have been added to the World State Window Alert section in Navigation
Removed the Mastery Rank 10 requirement for the MK1-Bo and restored it back to 0
Zaws now block 100% damage
Defection nodes that are under a Kuva Lich influence will now become Exterminate nodes
More fixes towards Kuva Siphons and Kuva Siphon Flood missions not giving Requiem Relics
Fixed ability to double Bullet Jump
Warframe 26.0.2 (01-11-2019) Removed some Kuva Lich name generation options. It was Titt.
Warframe 26.0.1 (31-10-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 26 (31-10-2019) New Warframe: Grendel
Melee changes Phase 2
Vauban & Ember reworks
New enemies: Kuva Liches
New weapons: Parazon, Kuva Karak, Kuva Quartakk, Kuva Ogris, Kuva Kohm, Kuva Tonkor, Kuva Drakgoon, Kuva Stubba (Twin Stubba), Kuva Seer, Kuva Kraken, Kuva Brakk, Kuva Chakkhurr, Kuva Shildeg, Kuva Ayanga, Masseter
New mods: Intruder, Live Wire, Auto Breach, Runtime, Master Key, Untraceable, Failsafe, Blood for Life, Blood for ENergy, Blood for Ammo, Hit and Run, Out of Sight, LOHK, XATA, RIS, FASS, JAHU, VOME, NETRA, KHRA
New relics: Requiem Relics
New Cosmetics: Grendel Glutt Helmet, Sumbha Syandana, Titania Empress Collection, Euphrates Pet Armor Pack
New Kavat: Vasca Kavat
Exilus Adapter for Primaries and Secondaries
The following mods are now Exilus mods for Primaries and Secondaries: Ammo Drum, Shell COmpression, Trick Mag, Rifle Ammo Mutation, Primed Rifle Ammo Mutation, Shotgun Ammo Mutation, Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation, Pistol Ammo Mutation, Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation, Arrow Mutation, Sniper Ammo Mutation, Vigilante Supplies, Eagle Eye, Broad Eye, Overview, Air Recon, Aero Periphery, Agile Aim, Snap Shot, Spry Sights, Gun Glide, Double-Barrel Drift, Stabilizer, Vile Precision, Strafing Slide, Steady Hands, Guided Ordnance, Narrow Barrel, Targeting Subsystem, Hush, Silent Battery, Suppress, Soft Hands, Twitch, Reflex Draw, Lock and Load, Tactical Reload, Eject Magazine, Terminal Velocity, Fatal Acceleration, Lethal Momentum, Adhesive Blast, Cautious Shot, Fomorian Accelerant, Kinetic Ricochet, Tether Grenades
Ammo Drum increased to +90% Ammo, Shell Compression increased to +90% Ammo, Vile Precision is now -90% Recoil
The Return of Equipped Melee and Manual Blocking
The Combo Counter will now also act as an expendable resource for new heavy hitting combat: heavy attacks
The ragdoll effect of the Slam Attack is being removed, however it is being replaced with an effect that will push enemies back or knock them down
Heavy Attacks (Alt-Fire for Melee) – Heavy attacks can now occur at any time, simply by pressing the Alt-fire button while you have melee equipped or in your hand
Range increased for kick attacks from 1.5 to 2m (Except for Sparring weapons which is increased to 2.5m)
Combo Duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds
Rakta Dark Dagger: Damage increased from 50 Radiation to 88 Puncture, 62 Slash and 96 Radiation, Range increased from 1 to 1.75, Status Chance increased from 10% to 30%, Critical Chance increased from 5% to 12%, Critical Damage increased from 1.5x to 1.8x
Hirudo: Damage increased from 55 to 130, Range increased from 0.5 to 1.25, Status Chance increased from 5% to 11%, Critical Chance increased from 15% to 30%
Venka Prime: Mastery Rank increased from 8 to 14, Damage increased from 55 to 188, Range increased from 0.5 to 1.8, Status Chance increased from 15% to 24%, Critical Chance increased from 25% to 32%, Critical Damage increased from 2.5x to 2.6x
Ninkondi Prime: Mastery Rank increased from 10 to 14, Damage increased from 54 to 234
Redeemer Prime: Damage increased from 80 to 212, Range increased from 0.5 to 1.75, Status Chance increased from 28% to 30%, Critical Chance increased from 16% to 24%
Destreza Prime: Damage increased from 76 to 170, Range increased from 1 to 2.5, Status Chance increased from 18% to 20%, Critical Chance increased from 24% to 32%
Glaive Prime: Damage increased from 50 to 164, Range increased from 0.5 to 1.25, Critical Chance increased from 15% to 22%
Tatsu: Damage increased from 96 to 214, Range increased from 2 to 3, Status Chance increased from 23% to 28%, Critical Chance increased from 11% to 16%, Critical Damage increased from 1.9x to 2x
Mios: Damage increased from 80 to 177, Range increased from 1 to 2.5, Critical Chance increased from 15% to 19%
Guandao: Damage increased from 90 to 202, Critical Chance increased from 22% to 28%
Cassowar: Damage increased from 70 to 188
Lesion: Mastery Rank increased from 7 to 9, Damage increased from 100 to 237, Range increased from 1.5 to 2.7, Status Chance increased from 30% to 37%, Critical Chance increased from 5% to 15%
Orthos Prime: Mastery Rank increased from 2 to 12, Damage increased from 65 to 234, Status Chance increased from 15% to 36%, Critical Chance increased from 10% to 24%, Critical Damage increased from 2x to 2.2x
Caustacyst: Damage increased from 75 Corrosive to 17 Impact, 71 Puncture, 69 Slash and 103 Corrosive, Range increased from 1 to 2.9, Status Chance increased from 30% to 37%, Critical Chance increased from 5% to 9%
Zenistar, Damage increased from 130 Heat to 80 Impact, 68 Slash and 150 Heat, Range increased from 1 to 2.6, Status Chance increased from 25% to 30%, Critical Chance increased from 5% to 10%, Disc Duration is now a base of 10 seconds and is increased by the Combo Multiplier
Gram Prime: Damage increased from 180 to 300, Range increased from 1.45 to 2.9
Atterax: Mastery Rank increased from 2 to 5, Damage increased from 45 to 129
Scoliac: Damage increased from 55 to 150, Status Chance increased from 15% to 29%, Critical Chance increased from 5% to 13%
Galvacord: Damage increased from 80 to 210
Plague Kripath Rapier: Damage increased from 70 to 213, Range increased from 1 to 2.5
Plague Kripath Polearm: Damage increased from 82 to 230
Plague Keewar Scythe: Damage increased from 79 to 309, Range increased from 1 to 1.7
Plague Keewar Staff: Damage increased from 93 to 262
Dokrahm Scythe: Damage increased from 68 to 308, Range increased from 1 to 1.8
Dokrahm Heavy Blade: Damage increased from 146 to 286
Blood Rush – Will now scale differently, using a stacking multiplier based on the Combo Counter, raising 60% per Combo Counter tier
Condition Overload – Now uses a stacking multiplier based on how many Status Effects are on the target at 120% damage per Status
Covert Lethality – is remaining as a Dagger Mod for now with +16 Initial Combo and 100% Finisher damage, pending later review
Gladiator Mod Set – Adds a multiplier with the Combo Counter up to 60% for the whole set
Guardian Derision – Will add more to the Combo Counter for blocking hits
Life Strike – Heavy Attacks will now regenerate Health
Maiming Strike – Changes from an additive buff to a stacking buff, but base functionality increased 150%
Reach / Primed Reach – Will now increase range in a way that has been normalized; +1.1/+3
Weeping Wounds – Increases Status chance in a Stacking Multiplier, 40% per combo tier
Zenurik – Inner Might – Has been changed to provide 60% Combo Efficiency, instead of Channeling Efficiency
Exodia Triumph Arcanes – Have been changed to +50% chance to increase the Combo Counter on hit
Exodia Valor Arcanes – Have been changed to +200% chance to increase Combo Count when hitting Lifted Enemies
Exodia Brave Arcanes – Now grants +5 Energy Generation when killing an Enemy with a Heavy Attack. This can stack up to 3 times
More of the droptable Mods that have been available since Arbitrations’ release (Vigorous Swap and Rolling Guard) will be moved to the Arbiters’ offerings for Vitus, replacing their percentages with more Endo
Reduced the number of Kavor Defector squads required for a reward in Defection Arbitration missions to match other mission types: Reward is now every 2 Defector squads instead of every 4 squads
Catchmoon Changes: Decreased fall off damage from 100 to 10, Decreased range of projectile from 40m to 20m and fall off range from 20-30m to 8-16m
Heat Status procs now reduce targets’ armor to 50% of the original value
Titania can now Transfer to the Operator during Razorwing
Added 2 new Challenges: The Abyss Gazes Into You – Create a Kuva Lich, That Which Kills Us Makes Us Stronger – Vanquish a Rank 5 Kuva Lich
Find the Orokin Derelict Emissary Assassinate Blueprint (Reusable) in the Market now
The Options screen, Ayatan Treasures screen, and Dojo Room Options UI have received a fresh new look
Tekko Prime now gains additional Status Chance when used with Atlas and/or Atlas Prime. Base status = 10%, Prime = 26%
Each Kavat can now give you 3 Imprints
Fixed Amalgams not dropping the additional Kavat’s Grace, Anti-Grav Array, Gale Kick, and Odomedic Mods
Fixed the Combat Discipline Mod killing Warframes that are invincible
Baro (25-10-2019) New Baro items: Asra Luxxum Ornament, Puspa Luxxum Ornament
Warframe 25.8.2 (18-10-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Baro (11-10-2019) New Baro items: 3 Day Mod Drop Chance Booster, In Mah Belly Glyph, Dread Day Of The Dead Skin
Warframe (09-10-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.8.1 (09-10-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe (02-10-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.8.0 (01-10-2019) New Primes: Atlas Prime, Tekko Prime, Dethcube Prime
A 3-Day Mod Drop Chance Booster has been added in the following places: Baro Ki’Teer to his offerings over several visits during Atlas Prime Access, in place of the Sortie Credit Booster reward
Mirage Prime, Kogake Prime, and Akbolto Prime have entered the Vault
Riven Disposition Changes
Warframe Loot Abilities will again be able to yield multiple-drops from already looted corpses
Atlas’ Rumbler summons will now create a burst of rocks when summoned/destroyed
Gauss Changes & Fixes
Baro (27-09-2019) New Baro items: Zag Luxxum Ornament, Dvad Luxxum Ornament
Warframe 25.7.8 (27-09-2019) Airborne resistance from Mods is now capped at 90% to prevent stacking past 100% in some cases
Emissary boss rewards will now only be revealed at the End of Mission screen
Lowered the Zealoid Prelate and Zealoid Bastion Codex scans from 30 to 3
Warframe 25.7.7 (26-09-2019) Tennogen Round 17
Nightwave Season 2: Episode 5
The Norg Mask, Mother’s Mask, and Grineer Mask now have a higher chance of appearing in Nakak’s store. This also fixes an issue where they would never appear
Fixed the red visual marker hint for Demolysts not appearing in Gas City
Warframe 25.7.6 (18-09-2019) Arbitrations now use regular rotation length for their rewards, with the exception of Excavation
Arbitration rotation cadence has been changed from “ABCCCCC…” to “AABBCCCCC…”
Reduced Endo Rewards drop percentage in the drop tables. Rare non-endo reward drop rates are unchanged
Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill
The following rewards have been added to the Arbitrations drop tables:
New Aura Mods:
Aerodynamic: 6 seconds added to Aim Glide/Wall Latch time, decreases damage taken while Airborne by 24%
Swift Momentum: 30% faster Charge Attack speed, 6 seconds added to Melee Combo time
Shepherd: Increases Companion Armor by 180 and Companion Health by 300
Combat Discipline: Allies gain 20 Health when they make a kill, but the aura bearer loses 10 Health when the bearer makes a kill
Melee Guidance: Reduces Melee Combo timer on Self by 6 seconds, increases Melee Combo timer for Allies by 12 seconds
New Arcanes:
Arcane Primary Charger: On Melee Kill: 20% chance that Primary Weapon damage is increased by 200% for 8 seconds
Arcane Blade Charger: On Primary Weapon Kill: 20% chance that Melee damage is increased by 200% for 8 seconds
Arcane Pistoleer: On Pistol Headshot Kill: 30% chance to gain 100% ammo efficiency for 4 seconds
Arcane Bodyguard: On Six Melee Kills Within 30 seconds: Heal companion by 600
Arcane Tanker: On Heavy Weapon Summon: Gain 1200 armor for 16 seconds
Added 3 x Vitus Essence bundle to the Arbitrations drop table
Prices in the Arbiter’s reward manifest have increased by roughly 1.5 times. To offset this change, we have run script to increase players’ existing Vitus stockpiles by an equivalent amount
Changed the extraction requirements for Disruption missions in Arbitrations from 8 completed Conduits to 4
Ghoul Purge inbox messages will no longer automatically open your inbox or play the transmissions if you have completed all of the Encrypted Journal Fragments
Fixed K-Drive races not appearing properly on the minimap when using the default K-Drive from the Vox Solaris Quest
Fixed the Norg Mask not appearing in Nakak’s Masks and Oddities rotation
Baro (13-09-2019) New Baro items: Mahd Luxxum Ornament, Akka Luxxum Ornament
Warframe 25.7.5 (09-09-2019) Optimized level loading and level streaming (you’ll have to optimize your cache once to use the new system)
Augur Mod Set Bonus will now continue to grant more Overshields up to the maximum amount of Overshield
Fixed ability to equip Arcanes you do not own through Mod Link
Warframe (05-09-2019) Fixed inability to initially move when logging into the game
Warframe 25.7.4 (05-09-2019) Disruption Arbitration now requires 8 completed Conduits to extract. Rewards are still given every other round: 4 Conduits per Round = 2 Rounds to extract.
Changes to reduce marker clutter: Markers only show for active Conduits or if a player has picked up a Conduit key for it. Conduit Keys on the ground for a matching Conduit will be removed as soon as it is activate
The Universal Syndicate Medallion is now useable for Ventkids and Simaris Standing. After some internal discussion and player feedback, DE decided against allowing the Universal Medallion to apply to Conclave.
Increased Toroid drop rate from 1.1% to 2%.
Fixed Toroids not dropping from non-Raknoid enemies at Spaceport, Research Base, and Temple of Profit in Orb Vallis
Fixed ability to install an Umbra/Aura Forma on Archwings and Sentinels
Warframe (03-09-2019) Fixed not gaining any Affinity from an installed Lua Lens if the Blueprint was Rushed
Warframe 25.7.3 (03-09-2019) Valkyr and Saryn Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more
Nyx and Rhino Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, has entered the Prime Vault and have been removed from the drop tables
Fixed an issue where “Completed Ayatan Sculpture” based Challenges couldn’t be completed
Fixed certain Amps no longer applying multiple instances of damage to Eidolons
Fixed Gorgaricus Spores not exploding when they impact the ground
Warframe (30-08-2019) Fixed between-Wave rewards not popping up when playing Disruption on Mars – Olympus
Warframe 25.7.2 (30-08-2019) Companion Weapon Rivens have been added back to Simaris’ Offerings
Acceltra can now equip Rifle Ammo Mutation Mod
Fixed progression stopper after Round 10 of Disruption, where the Demolisher Thrasher wouldn’t spawn above level 80
Fixed Aura Mods not functioning
Fixed enemies becoming alerted when using a Scanner
Baro (30-08-2019) New Baro items: Zylok
Warframe 25.7.1 (30-08-2019) Fixes towards crashing when attempting to play the Profit Taker fight
Warframe 25.7.0 (29-08-2019) New Warframe: Gauss (blueprints can drop from Kelpie, Sedna)
New weapons: Acceltra, Akarius (blueprints can drop from Ur, Uranus)
New cosmetics: Gauss Mag Helmet, Altra Syandana, Harrow Reliquary Skin, Harrow Reliquary Collection, Norg Mask, Mother’s Mask, Prized Companion Skin Pack, Essential Blast Glyph, Essential Corrosive Glyph, Essential Gas Glyph, Essential Magnetic Glyph, Essential Radiation Glyph, Essential Viral Glyph
New Disruption missions: Olympus (Mars), Laomedeia (Neptune), Kelpie (Sedna), Tamu (Kuva Fortress), Apollo (Lua)
New Universal Syndicate Medallion (Can drop in Laomedeia (Neptune), Kelpie (Sedna), Tamu (Kuva Fortress), Apollo (Lua)
New Lua Focus Lens (can drop from Apollo (Lua) along with Somatic Fibres required to craft them)
Aura Forma can now be bought from the Market (80p each or 150p for 3)
Riven cap increased from 90 to 120
All Plains of Eidolon Bounties now have optional bonus objectives
Friend limit cap is now 1000
You can now link your mod setups through Mod Link
You can now link your cosmetic setups through Look Link
Shawzin Emote added and 3 new Shawzins added to the Market (Mimica, Dawn, Nelumbo)
New Infested Dojo Decorations
Added the ability to replay the following Quests: Natah, Saya’s Vigil, The Jordas Precept, Patient Zero, The Silver Grove, The Archwing, Howl of the Kubrow
New ‘Dark Lotus’ UI Theme and Background
Cernos changes: Quick Shot increased from 110 to 190, Charged Shot increased from 220 to 380, Flight Speed increased from 85 to 90, Aim Zoom decreased from 2.23x to 2x
Mutalist Cernos changes: Quick Shot increased from 120 to 205, Charged Shot increased from 225 to 410, Aim Zoom decreased from 2.23x to 2x
Cernos Prime changes: Quick Shot increased from 60 to 92, Charged Shot increased from 120 to 184, Flight Speed increased from 85 to 95, Tightened the spread of the vertical fire mode and made the top arrow land on the reticle instead of the middle
Rakta Cernos changes: Quick Shot increased from 150 to 235, Charged Shot increased from 250 to 470
Daikyu changes: Status Chance decreased from 50% to 46%, Critical Chance increased from 20% to 34%, Charged Shot increased from 460 to 700, Flight Speed increased from 135 to 140
Dread changes: Quick Shot increased from 130 to 168, Charged Shot increased from 200 to 336
Paris changes: Quick Shot increased from 120 to 160, Charged Shot increased from 180 to 320
MK1-Paris changes: Quick Shot increased from 100 to 115, Charged Shot increased from 120 to 230
Paris Prime changes: Quick Shot increased from 130 to 180, Charged Shot increased from 260 to 360, Flight Speed increased from 85 to 95
Nightwave Acts that require completing content tied to Quests will now be locked unless you have completed the related Quest. Locked Acts will point you to the Quest required to complete in order to unlock it
Catch-up Acts will now appear once you have less than 3 current-weekly Acts left to complete, as opposed to only appearing once you’ve completed the whole current week
If you freeze enemies with things like Frost, Atlas, or Gara’s abilities, you can now immediately apply other Status Effects. Before these powers would prevent Status Effects from being added
Captura Scenes can now be linked in Chat
Updated the Interception HUD style to provide clearer information when a Tower is being captured by you or by enemies
Reduced Foundry rush cost from 25 to 5 for Detonite Injector, Fieldron, and Mutagen Mass
New players can now join Defense missions until the second Wave instead of the fourth Wave to guarantee enough time to collect Reactant during Void Fissure missions
Derelict Survival Missions no longer have electrified water to prevent enemies from slowing down to jump over it
Mod descriptions are now included when searching in the Mod Trading screen
Fixed a long-standing bug-turned-exploit with Ivara’s Noise Arrow: Enemies who are attracted to Ivara’s Noise Arrow never regain intelligence if Ivara is invisible. The fix allows them to ‘finish’ their investigation of the noise and thus regain some form of intelligence.
Fixed Gift of the Lotus Alerts not showing the mission’s level range
Fixed several areas (Foundry, Relic Refinement console, Arsenal, and the Infested Chair) around the Orbiter not having any collision for the Roller Floofs from Dog Days Tactical Alert, causing them to clip through
Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Twin kills not counting towards Sanctuary Onslaught efficiency
Fixed Decorations with physics (Roller Floof, etc) sometimes falling out of the Orbiter into the dark, cold, vastness of space
Baro (16-08-2019) New Baro items: Desert Skate Floof
Warframe 25.6.3 (14-08-2019) Changed Zealots to be allied to the level’s Faction to prevent them clearing objectives
Warframe 25.6.2 (08-08-2019) Searching for combined elements (Radiation, Magnetic, etc.) in your Upgrade and Mod menus will now pull up the base element mods that can be combined to make that element
Warframe 25.6.1 (08-08-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.6.0 (08-08-2019) Themed Loadout Screens are here. The Arsenal screen has been completely redone.
Augment Changes and Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Warframe 25.5.4 (07-08-2019) Dog Days Tactical Alert Change: Mission 4 now yields 1 Nakak Pearl per kill in addition to the 50 given at end of mission
Warframe 25.5.3 (06-08-2019) Fixed an exploit where the mission timer would continue to run when paused in Solo mode which awarded players victory & rewards for the score
Baro (02-08-2019) New Baro items: Machete Syachid Skin
Warframe 25.5.2 (02-08-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.5.1 (02-08-2019) Dog Days Tactical Alert
Warframe (31-07-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.5.0 (31-07-2019) New cosmetics: Wukong Samadhi Skin, Wukong Samadhi Helmet, Meteor Whip Skin, Subhuti Syandana, Wukong Samadhi Iron Staff Skin
Colour Picker Changes
Fixed previous Nightwave Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1
Warframe 25.4.3 (26-07-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.4.2 (26-07-2019) Increased the drop rate of the Bloodshed Sigil from 1% to 3% from the Profit-Taker
Warframe (24-07-2019) Fixed the ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins
Fixed the Tekelu Nikana Skin not being available for all Nikana variants
Warframe 25.4.1 (24-07-2019) New cosmetics: Akstiletto Tekelu Skin, Glaive Tekelu Skin, Nikana Tekelu Skin, Panthera Tekelu Skin, Redeemer Tekelu Skin, Magnus and Akmagnus Tekelu Skins, Vasto and Akvasto Tekelu Skins, Baza Tekelu Skin, Gunsen Tekelu Skin, Stradavar Tekelu Skin, Essential Cold Glyph, Essential Critical Glyph, Essential Damage Glyph, Essential Electricity Glyph, Essential Heat Glyph, Essential Toxin Glyph
Increased Atmo Systems drop by 1 quantity (from 4 to 5) across the board for the Profit-Taker Heists rewards to slightly reduce friction in ranking up in Fortuna
Fixed scoring 30+ Index points at once resulting in a huge damage boost
Fixes towards Nightwave Act progress sometimes resetting / tracking incorrectly when completing a mission
Baro (19-07-2019) New Baro items: Bronze Kavat Bust
Warframe 25.4.0 (18-07-2019) New weapon: Quatz Pistol (and updated Amphis)
New cosmetics: Galvanik Armor Bundle, Amphor Syandana, Amphix Kavat Armor, Amphatz Kubrow Armor, Domestik Drones BUndle, Shawzin Decoration
Added Arch-gun Ammo to the Simulacrum pickup area
Eligibility for the Get Clem & Maroo Ayatan Treasure Hunt missions now resets at 00:00 Monday each week (same as Nightwave) instead of an arbitrary 7-day cooldown from whenever you last completed them
Fixed Sortie roll-over + UI refresh not occurring exactly at 12 noon since the dawn of time
Warframe (16-07-2019) Fixed an issue where you could lose your K-Drive forever if it de-spawned in a body of water
Warframe 25.3.3 (16-07-2019) The Prime Vault has opened: Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, Ankyros Prime, Hikou Prime, Boltor Prime, Scindo Prime. Vault purchase only: Distilling Extractor Prime, Vala Sugatra Prime, Targis Prime armor set, Noru Prime syandana. The Prime Vault closes on September 17.
Warframe (12-07-2019) Fixed Operator Focus Abilities being broken if a tree is semi-complete. This also fixes Operator Void Mode being broken
Warframe 25.3.2 (12-07-2019) Added a new Plains Assassinate Bounty Bonus Objective of ‘Draw out the target within one minute for bonus
All trophies are now exempt from Clan XP and will not reward it
Right clicking on Nightwave rewards will now display its preview diorama
Wukong’s Celestial Twin no longer utilizes Quick Thinking to fix the Twin living indefinitely
Changed the scaling mechanic in Survival so that staying in a low-level mission longer will also increase the enemy count as it increases the enemy level until it hits the same cap it would have for high-level missions
Warframe 25.3.1 (08-07-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.3.0 (07-07-2019) New Prime frame: Wukong Prime
New Prime weapons: Zhuge Prime, Ninkondi Prime
New Prime cosmetics: Jindou Prime Syandana, Sanzang Prime Kubrow Armor, Tang Prime Kubrow Fur Pattern, Corposant Prime Ephemera (all Prime Access Exclusives)
Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime, and Nami Skyla Prime have entered the Vault
Primary & Secondary Riven disposition changes
Nightwave Season 2
Warframe 25.2.4 (27-06-2019) Fixed Wukong’s Celestial Twin kills not counting towards the Power Trip Nightwave Act
Warframe 25.2.3 (25-06-2019) New Warframe Starter Bundle
Changed Wukong’s Monkey Loot passive to not generate extra drops from ability immune or VIP enemies to follow cadence with others
Warframe 25.2.2 (21-06-2019) Summer Solstice celebration alert with Ignis Towsun Skin
Wukong’s Celestial Twin now behaves with Nullifiers by: If Wukong enters the bubble with Celestial Twin active, nothing happens, If Wukong’s Celestial Twin enter the bubble, his Health will drain down
Fixed cancelling Wukong’s Primal Fury with Celestial Twin resulting in an aggressive forward momentum
Warframe 25.2.1 (20-06-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.2.0 (19-06-2019) Wukong Revisited
Fixed ability to choose any Relic type on any Void Fissure mission by queueing with squad
Fixed ability to gain Set Mod bonus by using multiple copies of the same Mod if you have a Sentinel or Moa
Fixed ‘Everything Old is New Again’ and ‘Loyalty’ Nightwave Acts not awarding Standing
Fixed the ‘Silent Eliminator’ Nightwave Act not failing when an enemy detects you, regardless of alarms
Warframe 25.1.3 (14-06-2019) Fixed the TennoCon 2019 Emote not having any sound to the local player
Fixed Nidus Nighthunter Skin appearing fully Mutated in Navigation, Relays, Cetus or Fortuna
Baro (14-06-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Lotus Glyph
Warframe (12-06-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.1.2 (12-06-2019) Another chunk of UI changes
Mesa Prime can now be used in Conclave
Airborne Capture Targets in the Gas City tileset will now keep flying when critically injured, with his jetpack set on fire. Upon landing he will continue his escape, but the powerful explosion of his own jetpack will knock him down
Fixed enemies from previous Zones randomly mingling in with the ones in the new Zone that you just entered
Fixed the Javlok Amalgam Mod and Reflection Mod stacking in an unexpected multiplicative way
Warframe 25.1.1 (06-06-2019) Deactivated Gas City Corpus Laser Doors during Invasions to prevent them mis-firing when you’re supporting the Corpus
Relic UI Changes; Added the “owned” label back, Added Alias’ (both yours and squadmates) to the Reward selection screen
Wolf Creds still in your inventory can now be sold for 5K Credits
Warframe 25.1.0 (05-06-2019) TennoGen Round 16
A Tyl Regor Noggle has been added to the Market
Fixed Wisp’s Sol Gate ability being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier)
Demolysts can no longer be disarmed by the Halikar
Fixed Ivara’s Infiltrate Augment Mod still triggering alarms from Laser Doors in the Gas City tileset
Warframe 25.0.8 (31-05-2019) Boosted Drop Chance of Hexenon from Amalgams to ~7.7%, and increased Hexanon rewards from the Disruption gamemode by 25%
Fixed Ivara’s Cloak arrow functioning on Defense objectives, leaving enemies unable to find it
Fixed seeing red fog in Void tilesets
Baro (31-05-2019) New Baro items: Diriga Desert-Camo Skin
Warframe 25.0.7 (30-05-2019) Syndicates in the Syndicate screen are now ordered by the respective Rank you have with them
Warframe 25.0.6 (29-05-2019) Fixed Loki being able to Switch Teleport enemy Demolysts/VIPs into pits and kill them instantly. VIPs are now teleported to safety if placed into a pit.
Warframe 25.0.5 (28-05-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 25.0.4 (28-05-2019) The attack marker increases in range from 30m to 100m when the Demolyst is looked at by a nearby player, so that squadmates can see it without it being manually marked
Restored Wisp’s Sol Gate’s true destructive power to go through enemies, as opposed to only hitting the first enemy and not the ones also behind it
Fixed inability to damage Eximus enemies with Wisp’s Sol Gate in Sanctuary Onslaught
A ‘Fast Travel’ option has been added to the Dojo main menu to allow easy access to all Labs once completed
Reduced Rare Resource drop chance from 50% to 7% from Amalgam
Reduced Rare Resource drop rate for Lab Amalgams from 50% to 7%
Removed self damage from the Cyanex
Fixed Kavat’s Grace, Gale Kick, Anti-Grav Array, and Odomedic not actually dropping from Amalgam enemies
Fixed the Torid and Pox not dealing radial Damage over time when its projectile lands on the ground or otherwise not on an enemy
Warframe 25.0.3 (24-05-2019) Increased Amalgam spawn rate. This will be more noticeable the more players you have in the squad
Demolysts no longer spawn at the same point for each Conduit, instead they will spawn randomly within a set range from the Conduit
Fixed ability to infinitely spawn Amalgams during the Ropalolyst fight
The following items have been added to Simaris’ Offerings: Imperator Blueprint, Veritux Blueprint, Revenant Blueprint, Garuda Blueprint
Removed Amalgams spawning on Jupiter > Themisto
Fixed an issue that made Arca Plasmor, Fulmin and Catchmoon projectiles deal damage twice on the hit when the projectile is destroyed
Warframe (23-05-2019) Fixed Nyx’s Absorb being affected by teammate damage when using the Assimilate Augment Mod
Fixed the Aero Agility Mod appearing as ‘Beyond Legendary’. It now displays the correct 11.54% drop chance
Warframe 25.0.2 (23-05-2019) Simaris has added the Odonata Blueprint to his Offerings
Doubled the amount of Hexenon reward drop from Disruption
Fixed the Kogake Weapon missing from progression for a lot of Tenno. Mastery has been restored.
Fixed Wisp’s Will-o-Wisp ability stacking invulnerability duration instead of restarting it
Fixed Liset Energy color not applying to the Skin
Warframe 25.0.1 (23-05-2019) The Kogake Weapon has vanished from progression for a lot of Tenno. We are aware and working on a fix. Rivens appearing as ‘Croniton’ are broken Kogake Rivens.
Removed the Wisp Blueprint from the Market, as it’s intended to be a Ropalolyst drop
Fixed the Disruption ‘Energy Drain’ modification applying to the Operator’s Energy which prohibited ability to Transfer back
Warframe 25 (22-05-2019) Jupiter Gas City remastered
New resource: Hexenon – A reagent commonly used to produce highly combustible fuel. Acquire this new Resource throughout the reworked Jupiter Gas City for crafting related items such as Wisp, Komorex, and more.
New enemy type: Amalgams. Corpus / Sentient hybrids
New game mode: Disruption
New Operation: Hostile Mergers
New boss fight: Ropalolyst
New Warframe: Wisp
New weapons: Fulmin, Komorex, Cyanex
New cosmetics: Wisp Gaoth Helmet, Sirocco Kavat Armo, Nyx Pasithea Collection, Fae Step Ephemera
New mods Visit the forum topic for more details.
Removal of random mod packs from the market, new Essential Mod Packs
You are now required to have 2FA enabled to trade with fellow Tenno
New Syndicates window
New Relics window
New Extract window
Increased Ephemera drop rate on Exploiter Orb from 6% category drop to 10% category drop
Slightly increased the drop rate of the Seeding Step Ephemera and Aura Forma Blueprint in Arbitrations
Heavy Ammo now drops from Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Napalms, Corpus Tech, Fusion Moas, Oxium Ospreys, Ancients, Corrupted Ancients, and Corrupted Bombards
Baro (17-05-2019) New Baro items: Primed Pack Leader, Prisma Avia Ankle Plate, Mesa Immortal Skin
Warframe 24.8.3 (10-05-2019) Fight the Wolf in two Tactical Alerts for a limited time
Reduced The Wolf of Saturn Six’s tankiness
Adjusted the Arbitration Shield Drone hitbox to encapsulate the whole visible body
Baro (03-05-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Avia Shoulder Plate
Warframe 24.8.2 (30-04-2019) Fixed Chroma’s Vex Armor not being hindered or removed by a Corpus Nullifier field
Warframe 24.8.1 (26-04-2019) Arbitration Shield Drone beam and Resurgence Burden colors have been changed to a more orange hue
Resurgence Burdens are no longer affected by Vacuum
All Resurgence Burdens will now be removed if the player needing revival leaves/dies
Warframe 24.8.0 (24-04-2019) Arbitrations ‘Iteration 1’ Changes: A Revive tower is now placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting Revival, the Arbitration Drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”
You can now spend Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Market to purchase Archgun Rivens (if you are below your Riven cap), as well as new cosmetics! The new cosmetic offerings include: AMPREX TELOS SKIN, ATOMOS TELOS SKIN, ATTERAX TELOS SKIN, ILLUMINA JUDICIUM (emote), JUDICIAL OCULUS (eyewear)
Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses
Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1
New Arbitrations reward has been added: the elusive Aura Forma Blueprint.
Warframe 24.7.3 (22-04-2019) The Ventkids Clubhouse Scene that slipped through the Mainline cracks has been added to the Ventkids Offerings
Fixed having no Shields in Archwing if Inaros or Nidus are equipped
Baro (19-04-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Avia Chest Plate
Warframe 24.7.2 (17-04-2019) Toroid Changes: Calda Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Scyto Raknoids, Sola Toroids have a 20% chance to drop from Kyta Raknoids, Vega Toroids have a 1% chance to drop from Mite Raknoids
Tusk Thumper Doma now drops Spring-Loaded Blade and Kinetic Diversion
The Ascension Altar and the Clan Vault are now displayed on the Clan Dojo minimap
Fixed Secondary Energy not being inherited by Exalted weapons
Warframe 24.7.1 (11-04-2019) Updated the public Drop Table for the Sentient Wolf to include the Wolf Hammer component Blueprints, and increased the drop chance to match the regular Wolf table. Previously was a 25% chance for the Wolf Hammer Blueprint to drop, now it’s a 35% chance for either the Blueprint or one of its components to drop.
Fixed Hildryn attempting to give her Balefire to Rescue/Defense Targets.
Warframe (10-04-2019) Nyx’s Psychic Bolts now have an instant recast which simply selects 6 new targets and despells on older targets automatically
Fixed a crash caused by the Pilfering Strangledome Augment
Warframe 24.7.0 (10-04-2019) New cosmetics: Atlas Karst Skin, Tecton Sparring Skin, Stratum Syandana
New augments: Dread Ward (Garuda, Dread Mirror), Blinding Reave (Revenant, Reave), Teeming Virulence (Nidus, Virulence), Pilfering Strangledome (Khora, Strangledome) Visit the forum topic for more details.
Secondary Energy color now applies to Warframe emissives
Assassin type enemies (Wolf of Saturn Six, Stalker, Syndicate, etc) no longer choose to appear as you’re extracting
Increased the Tusk Thumper encounter chances and lowered the encounter cooldown from 180-240s to 90-120s
Fixed Inaros & Nidus being given Shields from ally Shield Ospreys
Warframe (05-04-2019) Fixed issues with Coolant Raknoid level scaling being inconsistent. They are now level 30
Fixed multiple crashes
Warframe 24.6.2 (05-04-2019) Cuthol Bait is now sellable for 100,000 Credits
Fixed the sleep abilities of Ivara, Baruuk, and Equinox not giving you the option to capture animals in Plains of Eidolon
Reverted the Ogris Changes made in 24.6.0
Fixed inability to extract from the Archwing Mobile Defense mission on Earth, Erpo
Baro (05-04-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Companion Poster, Primed Animal Instinct
Warframe 24.6.1 (05-04-2019) Fixes towards Multishot Mods potentially not working with the Simulor
Warframe 24.6.0 (05-04-2019) Added a secondary energy customization slot in the Arsenal as a free added bonus when Forma’ing gear
Plains of Eidolon Remaster Visit the forum topic for more details.
Plains Conservation Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Enemies: Tusk Thumpers Inbound
Make sure to visit Nakak and get your Tusk Thumper Floofs by trading in Resources
Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Quills Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built (Owned Magus, Exodia, and Virtuos Arcane Blueprints have been converted to full-crafted Arcanes)
Replaced Arcane Blueprints with Arcanes in Hok’s Offerings meaning that Arcanes no longer need to be built (Owned Magus, Exodia, and Virtuos Arcane Blueprints have been converted to full-crafted Arcanes)
Removed Cetus Wisp costs from Operator Armour Blueprints, and replaced them with Eidolon Gems
Removed Cetus Wisps from Amp Prism Blueprint, and replaced them with Fish Parts or Eidolon Gems
Removed Fish Scales costs from Operator Armour Blueprints, and replaced them with Fish Parts
New weapon: Korrudo
Buried Debts: Thermia Fracture Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Removed “cast on ground” requirements for many Warframe abilities, abilities that still require ground to activate can now be cast in the air and will do a melee-esque slam to the ground
Whip and Sword slide attacks now do the same damage with a Stance equipped as without
Tysis: Damage changed from 79 Corrosive to 9 Impact, 23 Puncture, 17 Slash and 81 Corrosive delivered in 3 ticks of 27 each over 2 seconds
Ogris: Converted from Charged to Semi Auto, Ammo pool increased from 20 to 30, Area-of-Effect increased from 6 to 7m, Area-of-Effect damage reduced from 600 to 400.
Knell: Knell now has a 2 round mag when wielded by Harrow.
Tenora: Headshot kills with alt fire have a 20% chance to instantly refill magazine when wielded by Octavia.
Pandero: Headshot kills with alt fire increase reload speed by 20% when wielded by Octavia.
Nagantaka: 1m innate Punch-Through when wielded by Garuda.
Fusilai: Increased projectile speed when wielded by Gara.
Volnus: Additional slam radial damage when wielded by Gara.
Astilla: Additional 80 ammo pool when wielded by Gara.
Phantasma: Has 15 magazine when wielded by Revenant.
Tekko: Additional 6% status when wielded by Atlas.
Tatsu: Charge cap is 9 when wielded by Revenant.
The Wolf (and other “stalker” type enemies) now have a level cap of 45 for Solo players and 60 for public squads
Typing an item name (ie Stradavar Prime, Equinox Prime, etc) in the Trade screen search bar will now display all Relics that contain that item
Amalgam Mods can no longer be equipped on Exalted weapons
Fixed ability to equip Amalgam Organ Shatter on Arch-Melee weapons
Warframe (02-04-2019) Riven disposition updates Click here for details
Fixed Hive Sabotage missions not counting towards the ‘Cache Hunter’ Nightwave Act
Fixed inability to switch firing modes with the Stradavar Prime
Warframe 24.5.8 (02-04-2019) New primes: Equinox Prime, Stradavar Prime, Tipedo Prime
Oberon Prime, Silva & Aegis Prime, and Sybaris Prime have entered the Vault
Riven disposition updates Click here for details
Increased the Liset Decoration limit by 33
Warframe 24.5.7 (28-03-2019) Pets no longer suffer negative effects from a lack of Loyalty or Integrity. Integrity and Loyalty are now strictly a bonus on top of your Pet’s base Health and Damage.
The Wild Frenzy Mod now scales the Ammo refund amount with its rank (25, 40, 55, 70, 85, 100%)
Fixed Coolant Raknoids damaging Limbo through the Rift
Warframe 24.5.6 (26-03-2019) Prime Vault closed
The following items have returned to the Vault and their Relics have been removed from drops: Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, Glaive Prime
K-Drive Race Affinity has been increased: Affinity gained per Gate is now 500 (previously 200), Affinity gained per Race completion is now 2500 (previously 1000)
Fixed the ‘Day Trader’ Nightwave Act not being marked complete after meeting the requirements. The appropriate Standing was delivered behind-the-scenes, but the UI neglected to accurately display that
Warframe 24.5.5 (25-03-2019) Fixed Coolant Raknoids not attempting to destroy Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls
Fixed Valkyr’s Hysterical Assault Augment Mod having broken functionality with Melee 2.99997 due to the removal of Secondary Fire in Melee mode. Now Aiming + Melee will trigger the leap function while in Hysteria
Assassins (Stalker, Wolf of Saturn Six, The Grustrag Three, Zanuka Hunter, etc) now scale levels based on player counts, not based on the weapon levels of the target player
Aviator and Agility Drift now apply to Titania while she is in Razorwing
Removed all wildlife killing Riven Mod Challenges. All existing Rivens with wildlife killing Challenges will be retroactively updated with a new Challenge
Updated Secura Penta’s napalm projectiles when using the Napalm Grenades Mod
Baro (22-03-2019) New Baro items: Scimitar Cydonia Skin
Warframe (20-03-2019) Fixed a crash on startup for low-spec PCs caused by texture optimizations in Hotfix 24.5.4
Warframe 24.5.4 (20-03-2019) Potential fix for losing the ability to Melee or use Primary weapons after quick Meleeing
Warframe 24.5.3 (19-03-2019) More fixes towards crashing when transitioning to or from Deck 12
Fixed all players seeing the ‘Throw the Coolant Canister’ UI message when only one person is holding one
Fixed persisting ‘0 players waiting’ UI message during Phase 2 of the Exploiter Orb fight
Changed the Glaive recall to be done with Melee instead of Melee Channel
The World Cycles displayed in the Navigation Window now display time until next Cycle/Temperature
Warframe 24.5.2 (19-03-2019) Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously
Fixes toward cases of a forced Host Migration in the Orb Vallis
Warframe 24.5.1 (15-03-2019) Exploiter Orb Changes & Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Warframe 24.5.0 (14-03-2019) Nightwave Episode 2 / Operation: Buried Debts – Deck 12
Tennogen Round 15
Fixed being able to Quick Melee when you equip an Archgun with either a Primary or Secondary equipped before that
Arcane Change/Fix Visit the forum topic for more details.
K-Drive Race Standing has been doubled (Max Standing gained per Race is now 6000)
Warframe (11-03-2019) Fixed a crash that could occur when deploying your Archwing
Warframe 24.4.4 (11-03-2019) Reduced the Affinity gained from killing Coolant Raknoids from 1500 to 300
Refined the end of mission screen for Thermia Fracture progress to show you what you received in that single mission vs. a cumulative total
Fixed Cave minimaps appearing incorrectly
Warframe 24.4.3 (09-03-2019) Increased the Coolant Raknoids chance to even drop a Mod for 10% to 30%, thus increasing the drop rate of Wise Razor (and all Mods on the enemy)
Warframe 24.4.2 (09-03-2019) Manual blocking/parry has been added when players wield only a Melee weapon in a mission (i.e NO Secondary or Primary equipped)
Fixed inability to Trade if it includes an Ayatan Star
Warframe 24.4.1 (08-03-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 24.4.0 (08-03-2019) New Operation: Buried Debts Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Warframe: Hildryn Visit the forum topic for more details.
New cosmetics: Hildryn Asuron Helmet, Surator Syandana, Quaro Syandana, Limbo Limina Deluxe, Tarock Thrown Blade Skin, Sidereal Syandana, Interga Sugatra, Operator hairstyles Visit the forum topic for more details.
New weapons: Lakspur, Tatsu Visit the forum topic for more details.
New mods: Wise Razor, Amalgam Mods x4 Visit the forum topic for more details.
Melee revisit phase 1Visit the forum topic for more details.
New K-Drive parts: Highbrow, Two-Sloops, Thugs
Mastery Rank 27 Test added
Bounties are now available out in the Plains of Eidolon
The Warframe Abilities screen has received a visual and functional overhaul Visit the forum topic for more details.
The Arcane Manager has received a visual overhaul Visit the forum topic for more details.
The Dojo Trading screen has received an overhaul Visit the forum topic for more details.
Respective Warframe Ability stats can now be seen in the Warframe Arsenal Upgrade screen Visit the forum topic for more details.
Mining Additions & Changes: Sunpoint Plasma Drill Range Widget: Increases plasma beam range, Sunpoint Plasma Drill Silencer Widget: silent mining.
You are now able to extract from Survival, Excavation, and Defection missions independent of your squad Visit the forum topic for more details.
The Navigation Window (where Alerts used to propagate) now displays more information about current activities such as the Plains Time of Day, Orb Vallis Temperature, Nightwave Acts, and more
Baro (08-03-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Grinlok
Warframe 24.3.3 (01-03-2019) Fixed Warframe defaulting to DirectX10 when launching in DirectX11, resulting in slower running gameplay.
Warframe 24.3.1 (28-02-2019) Reduced frequency of Nora Night Radio transmissions
Fixed the Word State Window Alert tab disappearing after completing the Weekly Alerts, making Arbitrations unplayable
Warframe 24.3.0 (27-02-2019) Nightwave has arrived Visit the forum topic for more details.
Random Alerts are gone
Old mission XP challenges from within single missions are gone
Changed the Mutalist Quanta Alt Fire damage type from Electricity to Toxin and slightly increased the Explosion Range from 6m to 8m
Removed the Radio Chatter toggle trigger in the Orbiter and moved into the Settings > Audio
New mods: Wild Frenzy, Bursting Mass, Napalm Grenades
New forma: Umbra Forma
New cosmetics: Saturn Six Syandana, Saturn Six Armor Bundle, Atterax Desert-Camo Skin, Tonkor Desert-Camo Skin
New weapon: Wolf Sledge
Baro (22-02-2019) New Baro items: Bronze Kubrow Bust
Warframe 24.2.15 (15-02-2019) Increased chance of Kavat scans yielding Genetic Codes to 25% and made drop chance/amount Boosters apply to all scans that yield Resources
Numerous improvements towards AI navigation in the Grineer Forest tileset
Warframe 24.2.14 (09-02-2019) Fixed certain cases of not receiving Ghoul Purge rewards
Baro (08-02-2019) New Baro items: Prisma Kavat Glyph, Prisma Kubrow Glyph
Warframe 24.2.13 (07-02-2019) Added a new Clan Role of ‘Fabricator’
Increased the Conservation Tranq Rifle clip size from 1 to 3
Improvements towards minimap marker pathing
Warframe 24.2.12 (31-01-2019) Removed unintentional ability for the Operator to use the Archwing Deployer Gear Item
Fixed the Rescue NPC not returning your graciously gifted Secondary weapon upon completing the Rescue Bounty phase in the Plains of Eidolon
Warframe 24.2.11 (29-01-2019) Nova Prime, Mag Prime, Soma Prime, Boar Prime, Dakra Prime and Vasto Prime have returned to the Vault
Ember Prime, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, Reaper Prime, Sicarus Prime, and Glaive Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault
Returned the Imperator Vandal Critical Chance to 15% and Status Chance to 10% in Archwing mode
Increased the time waypoints stay active in the Plains/Vallis. They now last 5x times longer
Baro (25-01-2019) New Baro items: Ignis Wraith
Warframe 24.2.10 (23-01-2019) Magnum Force Changes: Increased Damage from +66% to +165% (at max rank), Increased Accuracy reduction from -33% to -55% (at max rank)
Increased the Physique Aura Mod from providing +18% Health to +90% Health (at max rank)
Increased the accuracy of the Brakk, Kohmak, Twin Kohmak
Warframe (18-01-2019) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 24.2.9 (18-01-2019) Nyx Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Profit-Taker Bounty rewards added to Vox Solaris Offerings for Standing: Gyromag Sys (1000 Standing), Atmo Sys (2500 Standing), Repeller Sys (5000 Standing)
Increased the Standing gains from K-Drive races from 50 to 100 per gate
Fixed the Spare Parts Mod triggering from self-inflicted death (Lenz, etc)
Warframe 24.2.8 (15-01-2019) Titania Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Mesa Changes & Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Baruuk Changes & Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Mining Changes: Improvements towards Vallis Mining deposit spawn locations that resulted in an inability to successfully Mine them.
Stalker Changes & Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Reverted the recent Helios scanning changes to restore its ability to scan collectibles (Thousand-Year Fish, Fortuna Lore Fragments, etc)
Fixed clients who already completed a particular Kuva Siphon/Flood mission being able to re-earn the same Kuva reward by joining any Host that hasn’t completed said mission yet.
Baro (11-01-2019) New Baro items: Coccyst Sugatra
Warframe 24.2.7 (09-01-2019) Warframe’s Minimum Supported Specs will change to Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and DirectX 10 capable graphics cards in mid-February 2019
New Augments: Venari Bodyguard (Khora), Molecular Fission (Nova), Desiccation’s Curse (Inaros), Spectrosiphon (Gara) Visit the forum topic for more details.
Baruuk Changes & Fixes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Harrow Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Removed the requirement of needing the Adherent Rank with the Quills to Gild your Amp with Little Duck
Replaced the Braton Prime Blueprint with the Braton Prime Receiver in the Lith K2 Relic due to an unintentional vaulting of the Receiver
Fast Travel in Fortuna is now enabled for Little Duck when appropriate
Warframe 22.8.2 – 24.2.6 (2018) Click here to view the 2018 Updates TL;DR archive

This is an overview of Warframe's 2018 updates in a tl;dr style, highlighting the most important part(s) of each update.
If you want to read the full update notes, you can click on the version to be taken to the official forum post for it.

Baro (28-12-2018) New Baro items: Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor
Warframe 24.2.6 (20-12-2018) Fixed the Shattering Impact Mod breaking the Profit-Taker. Profit-Taker is now immune to Armor Reduction
Shared Affinity gain now applies to Atmosphere Arch-Guns but only while equipped in the main hand
Warframe 24.2.5 (20-12-2018) The Gravimag can now be purchased in the Market
The following items have been added to the Profit-Taker drop table (not Bounty reward): A chance for Profit-Taker Articula, Guaranteed Debt-Bonds (3x Medical, 2x Advances, 1x Familiar), Guaranteed 'Profit' 5x 25,000 Credit Drops
Profit-Taker is no longer affected by the Shield Disruption Aura
Warframe 24.2.4 (19-12-2018) You can now skip the Profit-Taker Bounty cutscenes
Arch-Gun Ammo pool increased by 2x for all Arch-Guns in Atmosphere mode
Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes instead of 10
Sola, Calda, and Vega Toroid drops are now affected by Resource Chance Boosters
Warframe 24.2.3 (19-12-2018) Replaced the Profit-Taker Phase 4 Vaulted Relic reward with a Mesa Prime Relic
Increased the reward chance of Gyromag, Atmo and Repeller Systems from Profit-Taker Bounties
Operators can now switch the Profit-Taker’s Shield type regardless of the damage type of the equipped Amp
Warframe 24.2.2 (18-12-2018) New Primes: Mesa Prime, Akjagara Prime, Redeemer Prime Visit the forum topic for more details.
Vaulted: Banshee Prime, Helios Prime, Euphona Prime
Increased the drop chance of a certain Cosmetic item dropped by the Profit-Taker
The Profit-Taker now only requires 3 Codex Scans to complete the Codex entry
Warframe 24.2.1 (18-12-2018) Added a new Dojo Decoration; the TRIBUTA
Warframe 24.2.0 (18-12-2018) Orb Heists Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through new Profit-Taker bounties: New Corpus Components Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through new Profit-Taker bounties: New Archwing mods Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through new Profit-Taker bounties: New Helminth Strain Mods Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through Vox Solaris Standing / Little Duck: New Amp parts Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through Vox Solaris Standing / Little Duck: New Amp Arcanes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Through Vox Solaris Standing / Little Duck: New Operator Arcanes Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Warframe: Baruuk Visit the forum topic for more details.
New conservation animals Visit the forum topic for more details.
New weapons: Exergis (Shotgun), Plinx (Psitol), Galvacord (Whip) Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Operator hairstyles
New Nidus helmet: Myxini
New Titania helmet: Mab
New Sword & Shield: Cobra & Crane
New Operator outfits
New K-Drive mods
All Arch-Guns can be used on the ground with the use of a ‘Gravimag’. Gravimag is obtained from Clan Research, or as a one-time reward from the Orb Heist Phase 3 Bounty, and can be installed on any Arch-Gun (with an Orokin Catalyst installed) via the Upgrade Arsenal - similar to installing a Catalyst
Arch-Gun Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Nyx & Titania Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Changes to Tonkor, Staticor, Simulor, Ocucor, Battacor, Akvasto Prime, Kitguns Visit the forum topic for more details.
K-Drive Races now require and reward Standing
The Oxylus ‘Scan Lifeform’ Mod has been changed to ‘Scan Aquatic Lifeforms’. It now reveals the location of hotspots.
Blueprints for Warframes obtained from quests can no longer be sold for Credits
Arch-Gun Mod changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Arcane Arachne changed to: On Wall Latch for 2 seconds: 100% Weapon Damage for 20 seconds
Calculated Redirection, Enhanced Vitality and Metal Fiber are now Companion Mods, but are incompatible with Kubrow-Link Mods
Renamed the Archwing Mod category to ‘Vehicles’. Both Archwing and K-Drive Mods can be found here now
Fixed MOA Companions and K-Drives only giving 3000 Mastery as opposed to the correct 6000 Mastery. The missing Mastery will be retroactively added on login
Fixed the Miter Augment Neutralizing Justice not working on Nullifier Bubbles in Orb Vallis
Baro (14-12-2018) New Baro items: Tenno Kindred Rug
Warframe 24.1.5 (13-12-2018) Fixed an issue where Power Cell Carriers sometimes took longer than expected to spawn in Venus Excavation missions
Warframe 24.1.4 (10-12-2018) Fixed the Khora affinity exploit
Warframe (06-12-2018) Fixed various crashes
Warframe (05-12-2018) Fixed various crashes
Warframe 24.1.3 (05-12-2018) Capped Garuda's Dread Mirror and Blood Altar dashes to 150m/s max
Fixed a memory leak in the gear wheel that would degrade performance the more often you used it
Fixed Companions orbiting around you sometimes when you stop moving
Fixed dropship passengers getting frozen mid air
Baro (30-11-2018) New Baro items: Tigris Elixis Skin, Cookie Kavat Glyph, Cookie Kubrow Glyph
Warframe (29-11-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 24.1.2 (29-11-2018) A "CLOSED BETA" Accolade has been added to Closed Beta Players profiles - if you made your account before March 18, 2013, you have a new Accolade
Garuda Changes Visit the forum topic for more details.
Numerous performance optimizations across the entire game
Increased the Vega Toroid drop rate to bring inline with other Toroids
Chat will now autocomplete when attempting to link a Zaw, MOA Companion, K-Drive, and Kitgun
Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped
Warframe (23-11-2018) Reverted some K-Drive performance improvements in order to fix rampant K-Drive crash as a result
Warframe 24.1.1 (23-11-2018) Vallis Pigments will now also drop from Elite and Eximus Terra Variants
Conservation Changes & Fixes: Fixed Kubrow and Kavat Companions sometimes attacking/using abilities on animals
Warframe 24.1.0 (22-11-2018) Tennogen Round 14 (incl operator cosmetics) Visit the forum topic for more details.
Changed the Pax Seeker Arcane projectile from 100% Impact Damage to 50% Puncture/ 50% Slash. This also fixes the Pax Seeker's projectile taking Damage Mods into account twice
Warframe 24.0.10 (21-11-2018) Fixed Gems/Ores obtained from smashing Orb Vallis crates not actually being collected
Warframe 24.0.9 (21-11-2018) Elite Terra Corpus enemies have been added to Orb Vallis! These level 30+ Elite variants have higher Health/Shields and hit with harder damage.
Numerous overall performance improvements with some specific improvements towards Orb Vallis
Synth Reflex and Vigilante Pursuit are now Exilus Mods
Increased specific AI spawns the correspond to the given Exterminate Bounty
Baro (16-11-2018) New Baro items: Axi A5 Relic
Warframe 24.0.8 (15-11-2018) Fixed Bounty progression indicator not persisting throughout successfully completed Bounty missions
Warframe 24.0.7 (15-11-2018) Ticker Changes: There will now always be 3 Common, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare Case available at any given time
Ticker Changes: Increased the rate at which Ticker’s Case inventory refreshes by reducing the duration they persist for
Fixed inability to set any Dojo Hall as a spawn point
Fixed the MOA Companion Security Override Precept (Oloro Model) not functioning sometimes
Warframe 24.0.6 (13-11-2018) Prime Vault has opened Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Prime weapon: Akvasto Prime
Fixed the Ogris’ Nightwatch Napalm Mod only doing damage in the 4.5% explosion area (top of the projectile) instead of 90%
Warframe 24.0.5 (12-11-2018) Reduced the Fieldron crafting requirements for the Kreska, Ocucor, and Battacor from 20 to 10
Added strokes to Mining laser HUD components based on Forum request for improved visibility
The Eye-Eye now shows up during warm temperature only instead of cool temperature
Fixed the Fetch mod causing other Companion Mods to not function
Warframe 24.0.4 (12-11-2018) Improved open-world performance for low-end machines (with Toggle OFF 'High Shader Quality')
Picking up a Calda, Vega, or Sola Toroid now displays as a ‘special’ pickup on the HUD, similar to Argon Crystals, etc
Orb Vallis Enemy Changes: various enemy now do a bit less damage
Resource Boosters now apply to Tags procured from capturing animals in Orb Vallis
Increased reliable and size of the Bolarola hitboxes
Improvements to fish spawning locations within Caves
Warframe 24.0.3 (11-11-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 24.0.2 (09-11-2018) Vaykor Hek now has 0.7 Riven Disposition
Removed an unintentional multiplier within Ticker’s Case# purchases, which resulted in receiving 5x/10x/20x the indicated Debt-Bonds. A script is running, you will be left with the intended amount
Reduced the crafting cost of each Moa Part from 500,000 to 50,000 Credits (refund soon in case of purchase)
Reduced the crafting cost of the new Sentinel Weapon Blueprints from 500,000 to 50,000 Credits (refund soon in case of purchase)
Small balances to Fortuna economy to match prices with corresponding rarities
Bloodshed Sigil can now be equipped on Operators
The Zaw Foundry category is now the ‘Modular Weapon’ category. It includes Zaws, K-Drive, Kitguns, Moa and Amp parts
The Hastened Deflection Mod is now a ‘BEAST’ Mod, meaning it’s also compatible with Kavats and Helminth Charger
K-Drive: Removed the cap of 5 tricks in a single jump
Fixed Loki being able to Switch Teleport other players off their K-Drive
Both Vacuum and Fetch Mods now pull the items directly to the Warframe as opposed to the Sentinel/Pet
Tombfinger Chamber: Reduced base Critical and Status Chance from 27% to 24%, increased Damage from 80 to 84
Fixed not actually receiving Servofish parts found in crates/containers in Vallis
Warframe 24.0.1 (09-11-2018) Added Fortuna Resources to common containers found throughout Vallis
Synth Charge Mod no longer applies to Pistols with < 5 Ammo Magazines
Warframe 24.0 (08-11-2018) New areas: Fortuna & Orb Vallis
New Syndicates: Solaris United, Vox SOlaris, Ventkids
New Quest: Vox Solaris, unlocks 5 vendors in Fortuna
New Warframe: Garuda Visit the forum topic for more details.
New weapons: Nagantaka (crossbow), Kreska (machete), Ocucor (pistol), Battacor (rifle) Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Sentinel: Oxylus Visit the forum topic for more details.
Three new modsets: Mecha, Tek, Synth Visit the forum topic for more details.
New miningtool: Sunpoint Plasma Drill, required for the rarest gems
Two new fishing spears: Shockprod (recover fish with no damage), Stunna (disables nearby fish)
Ostron Spears will work here, but fish will be damaged
Various new types of fishbait
Hunting equipment: Tranq Rifle and wildlifelures for Pobbers, Virmink, Bolarola and Kubrodon
Kitguns aka "gunzaws". Chamber is for mastery. 3 Chambers, 4 Grips, 16 loaders Visit the forum topic for more details.
Kitgun Arcanes: Bolt, Charge, Soar, Seeker Visit the forum topic for more details.
MOA Companions: 3 types available with custom parts. Three new MOA weapons: Crotra, Tazicor, Vulcax Visit the forum topic for more details.
Debt salavge missions: Purchase Fortuna workers' debt in exchange for tokens to trade for Standing
New Operator armorsets Visit the forum topic for more details.
New transport method: Kdrive, custom built from 4 parts, available: 3 Boards, 3 Reactors, 3 Noses, 3 Jets through Ventkids
Kdrive mods: 12 mods available through Ventkids Visit the forum topic for more details.
Kdrive controls explained in forumtopic Visit the forum topic for more details.
Orb Vallis has no day/night cycle, but has temperature time cycles: Warm 4 minutes, Cold 22 minutes
Orb Vallis bounties go through a Solaris United Agent in Orb Vallis, not in Fortuna
New Corpus enemies Visit the forum topic for more details.
New resources Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Alert levels and challenges Visit the forum topic for more details.
To reduce inventory clutter from Sentinel attack Precept Mods there is now the “Assault Mode” Mod: “Sentinel will attack first visible enemy within an area”
Fortuna UI available
New Mod, Fetch, for Kubrows and Kavats (Beasts) has been added - Detects and collects items within an area for its master, including Mods
New Archwing Mod drops have been added to the Balor Fomorian Visit the forum topic for more details.
New Beast Mods dropped from new Hyena variants in the Orb Vallis Visit the forum topic for more details.
Choosing your Focus is now available in your Arsenal
A reusable Ayatan Amber Star Blueprint (available for 10 Vitus Essence) is purchasable from the Arbiters of Hexis
New Dojo Pigments
Memoriam Purple from Terra Provisor, Cyan from Terra Raptor SX, Neo Pink from Terra Trencher, Coolant Blue from Terra Overtaker, Conductor Gold from Terra Embattor Moa.
Kitgun Rivens have been added as a Sortie reward
Tweaked Riven Dispositions across the board
Mining Changes (Plains of Eidolon & Vallis): Extraction is now done by heating a deposit to the ideal temperature. Aiming and shooting your Mining tool at any of the heat spots (flashing blue dots) on a deposit will begin the process. Visit the forum topic for more details.
Fixed Arbitration Drones taking damage from Gara’s Splinter Storm
Baro (02-11-2018) New Baro items: Harkonar Wraith Chest Armor
Warframe 23.10.8 (25-10-2018) Slightly increased the hitbox of Arbitration Drones
Warframe 23.10.7 (24-10-2018) Arbitration Changes: Arbitration Drones are now exempt from Infested Ancient Healer Auras, Reduced Arbitration Defense Wave length
AI Fixes: Improvements towards AI jumping onto crates for no logical reason, Improvements towards AI getting stuck on doorways, Fixes towards AI not spreading out
Warframe 23.10.6 (18-10-2018) AI Fixes: Fixed inability to defeat the Juggernaut due to no weakpoints opening, fixed Lynx not engaging or reacting to players attacking it
Fixed loading into a default Dark Sector mission instead of the intended Arbitration mission
Warframe 23.10.5 (18-10-2018) Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+
Added ability to swap your Mod loadout order in the Arsenal
Vigorous Swap will now deactivate when an Ability weapon is active
AI Fixes: Improved AI navigation in Sanctuary Onslaught and Plains of Eidolon Bounties
Warframe 23.10.4 (16-10-2018) AI Fixes: Fixes towards broken AI spawns in the Grineer Forest tileset, Fixes towards AI becoming stuck in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset
Fixed ability to Forma the Paracesis for the second time when it is not at its ‘max Rank’
Warframe 23.10.3 (15-10-2018) AI Fixes on Corpus enemies Interception/Defense Corpus Ice Planet tileset & Drone-type enemies not traversing in Defense missions
Fixed the Arca Plasmor's projectiles bouncing off walls instead of exploding on impact
Warframe 23.10.2 (12-10-2018) Heavy Blade and Hammer Zaws now have a Range of 3 meters
Removed the requirement to be higher than Initiate to replicate Clan Research
Warframe 23.10.1 (12-10-2018) Removed unintentionally released Challenge
Fixed sometimes crashing and failing to update in the Warframe Launcher
Warframe 23.10 (12-10-2018) New type of Alerts: Arbitrations. Always endless. Rewards earned at double interval (10 waves, 10 minutes, etc). Rewards are on an ABCCCCCCCCCCC (repeat C to infinity) rotation. Any A/B/C interval reward you receive is kept after you die or fail the mission. Visit the forum topic for more details.
New melee weapons: Pupacyst, Falcor
New weapons skins: Zastra Dual Dagger Skin, Kludgekil Machete Skin
Operators now have an A / B / C Customization config option
New Sentinel Precepts (available from Simaris’ offerings): Energy Generator (Dethcube), Ambush (Shade)
New Gear spiral with max 99 Gear items
A ‘Relics' category has been added to the player Inventory menus
New Challenge/Achievement: Joyride: Travel over 10,000 meters on a stolen Dargyn across the Plains of Eidolon
Various Junction changes: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Daily Tribute Changes: Sigils and Resources. Days 50,150,250, etc. Primed Mods. Days 200,400,600, etc. Weapons. Days 100,300,500, etc. Starting at Day 1050, Evergreen reward choices will be rotated every 50 Days. A: 3 x Forma or 3 x Exilus Adapter or 4 x Weapon Slots. B: 50,000 Kuva or 7-day Boosters (Affinity, Credits, Resource) or 30,000 Endo. C: 3 x Rifle Riven or 3 x Melee Riven or 3 x Secondary Riven
Saryn Changes, again. Miasma base Damage has been halved. Spores scaling Damage cap per second has been reduced from 10 to 70
Revenant Changes & Fixes: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Phantasma Alt Fire Changes: Alt Fire now releases 5 homing projectiles. Phantasma’s Alt Fire damage per projectile now scales based on charge time
Dojo Additions & Changes: Mostly cosmetic: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Numerous UI screens have received updated Theme revisions
Melee Sound Additions & Changes: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Archwing Launchers are now infinite use
Primed Quickdraw is now tradable
Energy, Health, Shield and Ammo restores have a new look
Fishing hotspots should now be identical between host & client
Corrected the Gram Prime’s Melee Combo Counter values to be the same as other Melee weapons
Incubator Changes: Shortened default Stasis Recovery time from 3 hours to 30 minutes, Changed cost of Stasis Rush cost from 10 Platinum to 10,000 Credits, Reduced Platinum cost of Companion Name Change from 25 to 15 Platinum to match weapon entitlement costs, Removed pickup limit on Kubrow Eggs
Controller Changes/Fixes: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Fixed the mission timer stopping if the Host enters Navigation while it is counting down
Fixed an issue where opening the Starchart would hang if a player has an overabundance of ship decorations
Fixed issue where the Arsenal would freeze when loading a large number of Melee weapons
Fixed issue where a hacked door panel would not open until the player had moved away from the door
Conclave Changes Fixes: Visit the forum topic for more details.
Baro (05-10-2018) New Baro items: Primed Expel Corpus, Primed Expel Corrupted, Primed Expel Grineer, Primed Expel Infested, Ki'Teer Cornu Diadem, Liset Cydonia Skin
Warframe 23.9.1 (27-09-2018) Removed the unintentional Melee Combo Counter cap of 180 for the Gram Prime
Warframe (25-09-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 23.9.0 (25-09-2018) New: Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime, Gram Prime
(Re)Vaulted: Valkyr Prime, Venka Prime, Cernos Prime, Rhino Prime, Nyx Prime, Boltor Prime, Hikou Prime, Ankyros Prime, and Scindo Prime
Removed Titania’s Razorwing collision damage
Baro (21-09-2018) New Baro items: Taxon Desert-Camo Skin, Primed Charged Shell
Warframe 23.8.2 (19-09-2018) The Tenno II Color Palette is now available in the Market
A new Clan Role of Herald has been added, solely to allow a member to edit the MOTD
A Mastery Rank of 8+ is now required to Trade Rivens
Warframe 23.8.1 (14-09-2018) Fixed Blazing Chakram giving health/energy orbs from corpses.
Warframe (12-09-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe (12-09-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 23.8.0 (12-09-2018) New cosmetics: Nezha Empyrean Collection (Nezha Empyrean Skin & Helmet, Nezha Buzhou Syandana, Teng Dagger Skin)
Nezha Revisited
Revenant Revisited
Oxium Osprey Changes (now appear within the first 5 Waves/Rounds of Def/Inter missions, increased spawn chance in higher waves/rounds)
A ‘Founding Warlord’ Role has been added to the Clan hierarchy
Rhino now has a HUD buff indicator for his Iron Skin
Changed Health Conversion to only remove stacks on Health damage
Baro (07-09-2018) New Baro items: Mirrage Immortal Skin
Warframe 23.7.1 (06-09-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 23.7.0 (06-09-2018) New Augment mods for Gara, Khora, Octavia and Wukong
You can now Donate multiple Resources and Decorations to your Clan Vault (Alliance remains Credits only)
Warframe 23.6.2 (31-08-2018) The Pyrus Project Fixes & Changes
Warframe 23.6.1 (31-08-2018) Fixed mission nodes being unlocked and playable on unlocked but incomplete planets
Warframe 23.6.0 (30-08-2018) New event: The Pyrus Project
Revenant Fixes & Changes
Fixed Pause in Solo not working
Warframe 23.5.0 (24-08-2018) New Warframe: Revenant (and Vania alt helmet)
New weapon: Phantasma
New cosmetics: Vetala Armor, Kasga Kavat Armor, Grineer UI
Fixed enemy spawn exploit in Mobile Defense
Baro (24-08-2018) New Baro items: Prisma Twin Gremlins
Warframe 23.4.2 (17-08-2018) Capture Targets now have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds
Warframe 23.4.1 (17-08-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 23.4.0 (16-08-2018) New minigame: Frame Fighter
Ludoplex (arcade cabinet) available from Simaris
New Amp components: Rahn Prism, Phahd Scaffold, Anspatha Brace
New "Natural" Dojo decorations
Various Operator Amp changes
Warframe 23.3.2 (13-08-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Baro (10-08-2018) New Baro items: Eminence Color Palette
Warframe 23.3.1 (09-08-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe (09-08-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 23.3.0 (09-08-2018) New cosmetics: Vauban Citadel Skin, Mortier Heavy Blade Skin, Marquis Sugatra
Vauban Rework:
♦ Vauban's new passive: "Deal 25% extra damage to incapacitated enemies".
♦ Repelling Bastille Augment now pushes additional enemies outwards every 4s.
Warframe 23.2.1 (03-08-2018) Fixed ‘Solar Map Progress’ stat displaying there are 229 Nodes when there are only 228
Warframe 23.2.0 (02-08-2018) Limbo, Atlas, and Chroma Noggles are now available in the Market
Designer Glyph Pack
Primed Quickdraw is now Tradeable
Baro (27-07-2018) New Baro items: Ki'Teer Stencil, Primed Quickdraw
Warframe 23.1.3 (26-07-2018) New cosmetics: Nidus Phryke skin, Deimos claw skin, Nosos Syandana, Kubrow/Charger Metus Skin, Metus Armor
Warframe 23.1.2 (24-07-2018) Prime Vault opened: Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, Boltor Prime, Hikou Prime, Ankyros Prime, Scindo Prime, various cosmetics
Sortie Interception missions now only require 2 rounds instead of 3
Warframe 23.1.1 (19-07-2018) ‘Damaged Mods’ are called ‘Flawed Mods’ now
Warframe 23.1.0 (18-07-2018) Tennogen Round 13
The Sacrifice is now replayable
Baro (13-07-2018) New Baro items: Prisma Uru Syandana
Warframe 23.0.8 (09-07-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Baro (29-06-2018) New Baro items: Gorgon Towsun Skin
Warframe 23.0.7 (28-06-2018) The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23.0.6 (27-06-2018) New Augment mods: Insatiable (Nidus), Warding Thurible (Harrow), Partitioned Mallet (Octavia), Empowered Quiver (Ivara)
Increase Fissure enemy spawn rate for Fissure Sabotage missions
The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23.0.5 (22-06-2018) Orokin Cells pickups will now appear in the pop-up notification similar to Argon Crystals
The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23.0.4 (20-06-2018) Cosmetics: Towsun Collection II, Vitruvian Glyph Pack
Added a toggle for showing ‘Item labels’ on Inventory items in the Interface Options
Fixed all ‘on damage’ Arcanes not triggering upon taking damage
The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23.0.3 (19-06-2018) Limbo Prime, Destreza Prime, Pyrana Prime
Nekros Prime, Galatine Prime, and Tigris Prime have entered the Vault
The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe (16-06-2018) Fixed not being able to sell Inventory items if the value is 1 and not being able to stack more than 20 items
Warframe 23.0.2 (15-06-2018) The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23.0.1 (15-06-2018) The Sacrifice Quest Fixes
Warframe 23 (15-06-2018) The Sacrifice Quest (Excalibur Umbra)
New cosmetics: Umbra Armor, Operator cosmetics, Dax Syandana
UI Themes and changes
Moddable Exalted weapons
Limbo Stasis now only stops time for enemies
PC Controller changes
Onkko and Old Man Sumbaat have new offerings
Fixed kill scan mechanic (Synoid Heliocor, Astral Autopsy Mod) not functioning
Baro (15-06-2018) New Baro items: Ki'Teer Atmos Oculus
Warframe (08-06-2018) Fixed some mission timers counting down one second per frame
Warframe (07-06-2018) Fixed region auto-detection
Warframe 22.20.9 (07-06-2018) In Excavation Fissures; increased Void Fissures spawn rates depending on how many Excavators are deployed
Fixed Onslaught Efficiency pickup counter not tracking correctly after a Host migration occurs
Warframe (05-06-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.20.8 (05-06-2018) A new ‘DECORATOR’ Role has been added to Dojo hierarchies
Damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage
Baro (01-06-2018) New Baro items: Pack Leader Sigil, Glaring Sigil
Warframe 22.20.7 (30-05-2018) Saryn revisited Yet again
Warframe 22.20.6 (24-05-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.20.5 (24-05-2018) Saryn revisited Again
Melee attacks now freely pass through enemies in Range (ie an enemy cannot block another enemy from being hit)
Warframe 22.20.4 (22-05-2018) You can now trade the Peculiar Growth Mod
Warframe 22.20.3 (18-05-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Baro (18-05-2018) New Baro items: Opticor Elixis Skin
Warframe 22.20.2 (17-05-2018) Fixed numerous cases of presence vs matchmaking issues This was causing issues Inviting players and finding squads
Warframe 22.20.1 (17-05-2018) Fixed getting a soft-lock when opening the Event tab in the World State Window
Warframe 22.20.0 (17-05-2018) Saryn revisited:
♦ Spores: Inflicts target with a pox of Corrosive spores Increased Status Chance from 10% to 50% (scales with Ability Strength)
♦ Molt: After casting, Saryn receives a momentary speed boost for a short duration Molt now scales similar to Rhino’s Iron Skin
♦ Toxic Lash: While active, attacks deal additional Toxin damage; this effect is doubled for melee strikes Instantly burst spores when attacking afflicted enemies Increased Duration from 30 seconds to 45 seconds
♦ Miasma: Now has a 100% guaranteed Viral Status Effect on damage tick Increased range from 15 meters to 20 meters (at max rank)
♦ General Changes to Saryn: Increased Saryn’s Armor from 175 to 225 (at rank 30) Increased Saryn Prime’s Armor from 225 to 300 (at rank 30)
Dojo Remaster: Lighting, Obstacle Course architect, 37 new Tenno decorations, 54 new Orokin decorations. New pigments: Shard Black (Vomvalysts) Tower White (Condrocs) Devar Grey (Tusk Bombard) Wisp Grey (Skiff Pilot) Mortus Pink (Kuakas)
GPU Particles
New Simaris offerings (mods): Negate, Reawaken, Looter
New Equinox Alternate Helmet (Clisthert)
Added a new Growing Peculiar Mod to Onslaught rewards Damage causes this enemy to inflate
Khora Changes & Fixes: Increased the range of Ensnare, Range Mods now affect Whipclaw's AoE radius, but it is capped Khora's Kavat now teleports to a given target
Melee attacks (including spin attacks) will no longer sweep through walls or objects
Opened even more previously locked treasure walls in the Void
You can now purchase multiple copies of Arcane Blueprints in Hok and Quills Offerings
Fixed Banshee’s Resoquake only consuming 25 Energy when it is supposed to use 100
Fixed Nekros being able to Desecrate already desecrated bodies or invincible bodies
Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave
Baro (04-05-2018) New Baro items: Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specter (5x)
Warframe 22.19.1 (03-05-2018) Fixed crashes that could occur when leaving Onslaught due to Warframe abilities still being active when Zone gets destroyed
Warframe 22.19.0 (02-05-2018) Tennogen Round 12
A new Grineer Sealab Defense tile has been added to Uranus
Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal
Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave
Warframe 22.18.8 (28-04-2018) Khora changes: Ability casting times have been shortened Her Kavat, Venari, is now a passive; when dead, respawns after 45 seconds or can be summoned with 3 Whipclaw will apply to and benefit from the Melee combo counter Ensnare affects multiple enemies
Removed increased Efficiency drain in Zone 20 in Sanctuary Onslaught and from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught in Zone 14
The Daily Focus limit has been increased based on the formula 250,000 + (Mastery Rank * 5,000)
Peculiar Bloom will now spawn a max of 5 flowers per target
Warframe 22.18.7 (25-04-2018) Khora Blueprints have been removed from Elite rewards and replaced with Radiant Axi Relics
Droptables for Onslaught have changed
Elite Onslaught: Lowered Specimen level ranges, Zone 1 starts at level 60-70, reaching a max level of 150-180 in Zone 15 (instead of Zone 10)
Elite Onslaught: Removed additional Damage Multiplier for higher level Specimens
Onslaught: Efficiency drain ramps up more aggressively between Zones 10-20 in either Onslaught mode
Onslaught: Efficiency Stimulus spawns will not appear beyond Zone 15 in either Onslaught mode
Certain Onslaught tiles now have a 20% chance of having an environmental hazard
Reverted the addition of more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught
Warframe 22.18.6 (24-04-2018) Added more types of Grineer, Corpus, and Infested Specimens to Onslaught
Warframe 22.18.5 (24-04-2018) More Onslaught issues fixed
Warframe 22.18.4 (23-04-2018) Fixed many common crashes with Sanctuary Onslaught
Warframe 22.18.3 (21-04-2018) Fixed more cases of crashes caused by joining Sanctuary Onslaught missions
Warframe 22.18.2 (21-04-2018) Onslaught change: Conduits now automatically closes in 30 seconds after spawning If you take too much of your sweet time getting to the Conduit, you will be auto-extracted with your spoils intact
Warframe 22.18.1 (20-04-2018) Fixed a plethora of crashes related to Host Migrations, Conduits, etc, in Onslaught
Blooming Peculiar Mod is now tradable
Supra Vandal is now tradable
Warframe 22.18.0 (20-04-2018) New warframe: Khora
New secondary: Hystrix
New melee: Dual Keres
New primary: Veldt
New Zaw parts
New Gamemode: Onslaught
Braton Vandal & Lato Vandal through Elite Onslaught
Baro (20-04-2018) New Baro items: Supra Vandal
Warframe 22.17.4 (13-04-2018) Optimized Helios' Investigator Precept: it should now find targets more than 10x faster
Warframe 22.17.3 (11-04-2018) New Augment mods
You can now Quick Melee while Spearfishing in the Plains
Warframe 22.17.2 (10-04-2018) Ember Prime, Frost Prime, and Loki Prime (+ their accompanying Prime weapons/cosmetics) have re-entered the Prime Vault
Baro (06-04-2018) New Baro items: Odonata Elixis Skin, Excalibur with Odonata Noggle Statue
Warframe (05-04-2018) Fixed trades failing with several types of items
Warframe 22.17.1 (05-04-2018) Added option to Return to Orbiter from the Simulacrum
Incoming Life Support markers now show in-world and flash, instead of on the minimap only
Legendary Arcane Trading Changes:
♦ 100k Credits for Unranked Legendary Arcane
♦ 300k Credits for Rank 1 Legendary Arcane
♦ 600k Credits for Rank 2 Legendary Arcane
♦ 1M Credits for Rank 3 Legendary Arcane
Warframe (28-03-2018) Fixed Endless Kuva Survival not rewarding ‘real’ Kuva to inventories Pre-Hotfix missing Kuva has been retroactively given to affected accounts
Warframe 22.17.0 (28-03-2018) Inaros Ramses Collection (Inaros Ramses Skin, Kopesh Longsword Skin, Scarab Syandana)
Nezha Jinza Helmet
New Gamemode: Endless Kuva Survival
Kuva Guardian Changes: No stun state required Operator Void Blast OR Void Dash to disarm their Kesheg and turn vulnerable
Grineer Commander Switch Teleport Changes: Increased the Commander Switch Teleport cast time to 2 seconds. Both Grineer Commander and his target will glow orange. Bullet Jumping or dodge rolling can now break you out of the Switch Teleport
Survival Life Support Towers no longer have spawn scaling (90s + 1s per pillar); they will just spawn every 90 seconds
Kubrow Dens will now only spawn 4 Kubrows to defend their Den instead of an infinite amount
Baro (23-03-2018) New Baro items: Orokin Tower Extraction Captura Scene
Warframe (22-03-2018) Fixed broken Kuva Siphon/Flood missions
Warframe 22.16.5 (21-03-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.16.4 (20-03-2018) Zephyr Prime, Tiberon Prime, Kronen Prime
Warframe 22.16.3 (16-03-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22162 (16-03-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.16.1 (15-03-2018) Fixed some Operator amps not properly destroying Kuva clouds
Warframe 22.16.0 (15-03-2018) Dojo Remaster; New dojo decorations, new way to decorate the dojo, Orbiter decorations can be donated to the dojo (most, not all)
Added a slight delay on when accessing the Star Chart so you can still see your Warframe kneel before the planets come into view
Boltor Prime Status Chance increased from 32% to 34%
Fish Bait descriptions now also indicate what time of day that the respective fish will spawn
A special UI message is now displayed when picking up a Syndicate Medallion or Cetus Wisp (similar to Argon Crystal)
Infested Ancients will now attempt to attack in more ways than just knockdowns and pulls when you’re within melee range
TennoGen items are now linkable in chat
The Market previews will now display your current equipped Warframe/Sentinel when viewing Armor Bundles
Baro (09-03-2018) New Baro items: Axi V8 Relic, Neo O1 Relic
Warframe 22.15.1 (08-03-2018) Fixed Zenurik's Void Singularity pulling in friendly NPCS, instead of just enemies
Fixed Arcane Acceleration applying to all Primaries when it should just be Rifles
Warframe 22.15.0 (07-03-2018) Ceramica Collection now available (Pandero Ceramica Skin, Ceramica Tonfa Skin, Ceramica Armor)
Arcanes will now appear as "EQUIPPED" if already equipped on the Warframe/Operator/Amp/Zaw that is currently being modified
Excavators will no longer take Power Cells if BOTH Shields and Power are full as to not waste valuable Power Cells
Excavation UI displays 'Power: FULL' when the Excavator no longer needs more Power Cells to run to completion
Fixed Beam weapons not correctly damaging the Nullifier drones
Warframe 22.14.2 (02-03-2018) Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies affected by a crowd controlled Warframe ability for Clients
Warframe 22.14.1 (01-03-2018) Increased the amount of Affinity you earn from killing Vomvalysts by 5x to help Operator Amp leveling
Warframe 22.14.0 (01-03-2018) Octavia Maestra Collection now available (Octavia skin, Horos instruments, Boltor Bravura skin, Verismo Syandana)
Advanced Captura Tools
Arcane System Overhaul:
♦ Upon logging in, all Arcanes installed on Cosmetics/Helmets will be Distilled because Arcanes can no longer be installed on Cosmetics/Helmets
♦ Arcanes can only be installed on your Warframe, Operator, Operator Amp, or Zaw
♦ You can now trade Upgraded Arcanes
♦ Arcanes have received a visual overhaul! Arcane Rarity now matches the style we use on Mods and Relics
♦ You must be at least Mastery Rank 5 or have an Arcane owned if below Mastery Rank 5 to install an Arcane
General Beam Weapon Changes and Fixes
♦ Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities
♦ Damage now ramps up over 06 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 08 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds
♦ Weapon Range Mods no longer affect the distance of chains for chainable Beam weapons. Main Beam distance is still affected by them
Endless Excavation missions now display ‘Digs Completed’ instead of ‘Total Cryotic Excavated’ The number of ‘Digs Completed’ is what counts towards the tiered Rewards in the Endless modes
Removed The Law of Retribution/Nightmare, and The Jordas Verdict Trials > If you have completed at least one trial you will receive a Invati Sekhara
♦ All your items used to craft Trial keys over the years have also been refunded back to you
Updated Arcane Agility description to match new functionality Now gives parkour speed instead of movement speed
Baro (23-02-2018) New Baro items: Domus Syandana
Warframe 22.13.4 (22-02-2018) Increased the Beam weapon Damage ramp up time from 08 to 1 second
Fixed Beam weapon Damage ramp up not happening per target
Convectrix Alt Fire beams now continuously sweep back and forth
Panthera Alt Fire now consumes 1 Ammo instead of 4
Invasions changed: Mission completion requirements have been scaled back: Defense from 10 waves to 5 waves, Survival from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, Interception from 2 rounds to 1 round, Excavation from 1000 Cryotic to 500 Cryotic
Improved Eidolon Lure following/positioning logic to prevent them getting right up in your face and disrupting your view
Picking up a Cetus Wisp will now display the same special UI message like when you pick up an Argon Crystal
Warframe 22.13.3 (21-02-2018) Beam weapon changes Few important nerfs, view forum topic for details Proper comparison by a fellow Tenno HERE
Beam weapons now state "STATUS" instead of "STATUS / SEC" in the Arsenal because they can now Status Effect more than once per second (like all other weapons)
The Flux Rifle has a new battery charge up
Adarza Kavat’s Cat’s Eye Critical Chance Buff no longer apply to Operators
Smeeta Kavat’s Charm Critical Chance and Energy recharge Buffs no longer apply to Operators
Warframe 22.13.2 (16-02-2018) Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst now drop Arcanes All 3 Teralysts have a 100% chance of dropping an Arcane
The variety of Arcanes have been spread out across all 3 variants and weighted according to the rarity of the Arcane and difficulty of the Teralyst variant
How you choose to defeat the Teralyst variants also attributes to the Arcane type/chance
Warframe 22.13.1 (15-02-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.13.0 (15-02-2018) TennoGen Round 11 Batch 3 of 3
New Advanced Plains Map
Font Rendering overhaul
Sentient Cores now drop from Conculysts, Battalysts, and Decaying variants. They will drop either an Exceptional (25%) or Intact (75%) Sentient Core. This allows for progression with the Quills outside of the Plains of Eidolon
Ivara’s Prowl will now only steal from each enemy once total, instead of once per Ivara
Warframe 22.12.5 (13-02-2018) Removed non-Vaulted Relics from Bounty Rewards as to remove confusion of both Relic types being in current Bounties and replaced with Endo relative to difficulty per Bounty tier (50,100,200,300,400)
Warframe 22.12.4 (13-02-2018) Chroma's Vex Armor Damage Buff now works on Melee Damage
Warframe 22.12.3 (12-02-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.12.2 (10-02-2018) Nothing worth mentioning
Warframe 22.12.1 (10-02-2018) New Riven challenges
Warframe 22.12.0 (09-02-2018) Take your fight to the skies by hijacking unmanned Dargyns in the Plains
Two new Teralysts: Gantulyst & Hydrolyst
Matchmaking for Eidolon Hunts through Bounty window
Riven Transmuter (capture Hydrolyst to get it) can transmute 4 Rivens of the same type into a new Riven of that type
Pets can no longer die in the ship
Various Warframe changes/reworks: See forum thread for more details
Various Primary Weapon buffs/changes: See forum thread for more details
Various Secondary Weapon buffs/changes: See forum thread for more details
Various Arcane changes: See forum thread for more details
Index changes:
♦ Required points per tier are now 50/75/100.
♦ Increased the required Index points from 50/100/200.
♦ Enemy levels scale half as fast.
♦ Changed the investment costs from 30k/40k/50k.
♦ Changed credit returns to 105k/175k/250k
♦ The amount of profit for each tier remains the same at 75k/135k/200k
Teralyst Changes: Increased Teralyst base level to 50. Reduced base Armor and reduced base Health of Synovia weak points. Reduced damage of Teralyst abilities to reflect increased level
Resource Drop Chance Boosters now affect Mining and Fishing
Resource Theft Incursion and Bounty stage (aka Armored Vault) in Plains now lasts only 2 minutes (was 3 minutes)
Focus Passives now apply immediately upon loading into a mission rather than requiring the brief Operator transition
Baro (09-02-2018) New Baro items: Sonicor Elixis Skin
Warframe 22.11.2 (07-02-2018) Fixes towards Bounties insta-failing when stepping out into the Plains
Warframe 22.11.1 (06-02-2018) Prime Vault unsealed, relics in PoE bounties
Warframe 22.11.0 (31-01-2018) Tennogen Round 11, part 2 of 3
Added a Mote Amp Blueprint to Onkko’s inventory
Zaws can now be linked in Chat
The Mining outline now stays visible longer (8 seconds) while you're cutting
Reduced the accuracy required to get a perfect Mining extraction
Final stage of all Bounties now rewards an item from tier 1 or 2 (instead of tier 0,1, or 2)
You can now preview custom weapon Zaw builds from Hok and Amps from Onkko with parts you don't own
Warframe 22.10.3 (29-01-2018) Reduced the time between Bounty stages from 8 seconds to 4 seconds.
Warframe 22.10.2 (26-01-2018) Mining buff: Better chance for rares & bonus. Now: 15% + 3% per filled gem icon (previously: 10% + 2% per filled gem icon).
Warframe 22.10.1 (26-01-2018) Fixed Vacuum not working consistently for clients
Warframe 22.10.0 (26-01-2018) Mesa Presidio Collection
Three new Augment Mods: Razorwing Blitz (Titania), Lasting Covenant (Harrow), Larva Burst (Nidus)
Added a reusable Blueprint for converting Intact Sentient Cores to Exceptional Sentient Cores
Increased the drop chance of Intact Sentient Cores from Vomvalysts to 100%
Fixed instances of not being able to Gild the Mote Amp
Baro (26-01-2018) New Baro items: Ki'Teer Atmos Diadem
Warframe 22.9.0 (17-01-2018) Tennogen Round 11, part 1 of 3.
Melee weapons now display a 'Block Damage' reduction stat in the Arsenal.
Baro (12-01-2018) New Baro items: Viper Wraith
Warframe 22.8.4 (11-01-2018) Fixed upgraded Pet Incubator Segment not putting Pets in Stasis automatically when they're about to die.
Warframe 22.8.3 (11-01-2018) You can now properly waypoint dropped weapon parts/Blueprints
More than doubled the size of the Cetus Wisp pickup radius
Items claimed in the foundry's "In Progress" tab now stay in the tab until the tab is changed so you can choose to build it again right after
Boss Reward Location Changes
Fixed Cetus/PoE loading issues
Warframe 22.8.2 (04-01-2018) Fixed Cetus/PoE loading issues

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