Affinity / XP for Amp Farming

In general, wherever you go to level up other weapons, just use the operator there and the amp should level nicely as well (especially in (Elite) Sanctuary Onslaught). However, if you dislike combat as the operator, this is for you.

A nice way to level up your amp outside of combat is to run a high level spy mission. Play the mission any way you like, but hack the actual vault as the operator. All the xp you’re rewarded with for hacking the vault will go straight to the Amp. Strongly recommended locations;

● Kappa, Sedna (Grineer)
● Oceanum, Pluto (Corpus)

If you have an XP booster and go for all 3 vaults and remain undetected, the Amp will be rank 30 in 8 runs;
Run 1: Amp Rank 11
Run 2: Amp Rank 15
Run 3: Amp Rank 19
Run 4: Amp Rank 22
Run 5: Amp Rank 24
Run 6: Amp Rank 27
Run 7: Amp Rank 29
Run 8: Amp Rank 30